Latest Geography of Guatemala Stories

2005-10-11 06:41:13

By Frank Jack Daniel PANABAJ, Guatemala (Reuters) - Rescuers searching for up to 1,400 people buried when a landslide swept away a Maya Indian village finally gave up on Monday, leaving the victims to lie forever encased in a tomb of thick mud. Five days after a river of mud wiped Panabaj off Guatemala's map, firefighters called off the gruesome and dangerous rescue effort. "We're not going back tomorrow, it's just too contaminated in there," chief firefighter Mario Ramirez told...

2005-10-09 20:19:55

By Frank Jack Daniel PANABAJ, Guatemala (Reuters) - Aid trickled into a Guatemalan village devastated by a mudslide that killed some 1,400 people, and Maya Indian residents complained on Sunday the government was far too slow to react to the tragedy. Peasants from neighboring villages brought clothing for the victims, rowing canoes across Lake Atitlan to Panabaj. The village was buried under a deadly slick of mud, rocks and trees that slid down a volcano after rains from Hurricane...

2005-10-08 18:15:43

By Frank Jack Daniel PANABAJ, Guatemala (Reuters) - About 1,400 Guatemalan villagers were feared dead on Saturday under a huge mudslide triggered by rains from Hurricane Stan, in one of Latin America's biggest tragedies of recent years. Fire department spokesman Mario Cruz said some 1,400 people had disappeared after the fatal quagmire of mud, rock and trees crashed down a volcano's slopes and into the Maya Indian village of Panabaj in the early hours of Wednesday. "There are no...

2005-10-07 17:21:31

By Frank Jack Daniel PANABAJ, Guatemala (Reuters) - In tragic scenes, Maya Indians and rescue teams pulled 64 bodies from a mudslide in a Guatemalan village, the worst single tragedy from flooding that killed over 240 people in Central America and Mexico. Firemen in muddied, red uniforms carried a child's corpse covered only by a banana plant leaf on a makeshift stretcher of tree branches at the village of Panabaj, in remote highlands next to the lakeside town of Santiago Atitlan....

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