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2010-08-01 15:12:00

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Aug. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- World Vision is planning a rapid response in Pakistan as unprecedented monsoon rains have triggered flash floods killing more than 1,300 people.

2008-07-21 08:44:50

Afghan private Ariana TV aired the Haqiqat (The Truth) feature on 20 July to analyse the tense relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Pakistan's tendency to expand its influence over Afghanistan and the impact of the recent suspension of scheduled meetings between Afghan and Pakistani officials.

2008-07-13 18:00:12

Text of analytical report by Anisa Shahid, entitled: "Attack on Indian embassy harms the country's political prestige" by independent Afghan newspaper Cheragh on 10 July Three days passed from the attack on the Indian embassy, but discussions are still continuing about it in the media.

2008-07-09 06:00:38

Text of report headlined "Afghanistan sends medical aid to Kurram Agency" published by Pakistani newspaper Dawn website on 9 July Peshawar, July 8: The Afghan government has sent life-saving drugs and surgical equipment to avert a humanitarian crisis in the strife-torn Parachinar and other parts of the Kurram Agency, where hospitals are running short of medicines because of a nine-month- old blockade of the area by local Taliban militants.

2006-08-01 08:27:10

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) - International relief agencies working in Pakistan's earthquake affected areas have been told to observe dress codes and behavior that don't offend local sensitivities, an official said on Tuesday.

2006-04-13 04:51:19

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan must have a balanced foreign policy, with good relations with the United States and India as well as immediate neighbors Pakistan and Iran, the nominee for foreign minister said on Thursday.

2006-04-11 09:39:38

KARACHI (Reuters) - An explosion shook a park in the Pakistan port city of Karachi on Tuesday where Muslim worshippers had gathered to celebrate the anniversary of Prophet Mohammad's birthday, police said. The cause of the blast and number of casualities was not immediately known.

2006-03-28 08:29:15

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - A bomb blast killed at least one man and wounded 15 others in Peshawar on Tuesday hours after the United States said it had temporarily closed its consulate in the northwestern Pakistani city after receiving a threat.

2006-03-01 23:21:34

KARACHI (Reuters) - A blast was heard and witnesses saw smoke rising in Karachi on Thursday from an area between the U.S. consulate and the Marriott Hotel, with U.S. President George W. Bush due to visit Pakistan in the next couple of days.

2006-02-09 01:20:07

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - An explosion hit a procession of Shi'ite Muslims in northwestern Pakistan on Thursday, killing at least four people, police said.

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