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Collared Peccary
2007-10-22 10:17:54

The Collared Peccary (Tayassu tajacu), is a peccary species found in North, Central and South America. It lives in many different habitats, from the dry Sonoran Desert and Chaco eco-regions to deep rainforest to the deciduous forests. Although they are sometimes called Javelina, the term is also used to describe the other two species of peccary as well. Collared peccaries live in groups of...

2007-08-23 07:17:46

The Dingiso (Dendrolagus mbaiso), also know as the Bondegezou is a species of tree-kangaroo native to Western New Guinea of Indonesia. The Dingiso is most common in the western part of Irian Jaya because it is protected by members of the Moni tribe, for whom it is an ancestor. The Dingiso has a distinctive pattern of black and white fur, with white belly and black head, back and limbs....

Bharal Himalayan Blue Sheep
2007-08-14 12:54:40

The Bharal (Pseudois nayaur), or Himalayan Blue Sheep is a caprid found in the high Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, China, Pakistan, and India. The Dwarf Blue Sheep is sometimes considered to be a subspecies of the Bharal. The Bharal is a major food source of the Snow Leopard. The bharal has horns that grow upwards, curve out and then towards the back, somewhat like an upside down mustache. In...

2007-08-14 04:23:12

The Kri-kri (Capra aegagrus creticus), sometimes called the Cretan goat, Agrimi, or Cretan Ibex, is a subspecies of wild goat. The Kri-kri is native to the Eastern Mediterranean, now found only on the island of Crete, Greece and three small islands just offshore (Dia, Thodorou and Agii Pandes). The Kri-kri is not thought to be indigenous to Crete, but was imported during the time of the Minoan...

Marco Polo Sheep
2007-08-14 04:03:55

The Marco Polo Sheep (Ovis ammon polii), is a subspecies of sheep, specifically the Argali. These sheep are found only in the Pamir Mountains in the border region of China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Some of the protected areas where the species occurs include the Khunjerab National Park and Central Karakoram National Park in northern Pakistan and the Taxkongau Nature Reserve in...

Chinese Goral
2007-07-17 11:33:40

The Chinese Goral (Nemorhaedus caudatus), is a species of wild goat found in the mountains of eastern and northern Asia. A population of this subspecies exists in the Korean Demilitarized Zone, near the tracks of the Donghae Bukbu Line. The species is classified as endangered in South Korea, with an estimated population of less than 250.

Pyrenean Ibex
2007-07-16 16:22:52

The Pyrenean Ibex (Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica), is one of two extinct species of Spanish Ibex. The subspecies once ranged across the Pyrenees in France and Spain and the surrounding area, including the Basque Country, Navarre, and north Catalonia. The diet of the Pyrenean Ibex consisted of grass, herbs and lichens. The ibex was paraxonic, with the plane of symmetry of each foot passing between...

Indian Flap-shelled Turtle
2007-03-19 18:46:45

The Indian Flap-shelled Turtle, Lissemys punctata, is a species of turtle found in South Asia. They are widespread and not uncommon. Its range includes Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, and Burma (Irrawaddy and Salween rivers). It has been introduced to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is also found in the desert ponds of Rajasthan where hundreds are killed every year during...

2007-02-25 20:53:25

The Searcher, Bathymaster signatus, is a fish native to the Northern Pacific Ocean. Its range includes the East Siberian Sea to eastern Kamchatka and the Komandorski Islands, Russia to the state of Washington, USA including the Sea of Okhotsk. It is found off shore to depths of about 984.25 ft (300 m), but has been reported down to 2706.69 ft (825 m). It can reach a total size over 14.96 in (38...

2007-02-21 17:28:48

Grunion are sardine-sized fish in the Atherinopsidae family of New World silversides. They are found only off the coast of California, USA and Baja California, Mexico (found on both the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California coasts). Grunion are known for their very unusual mating ritual. At very high tides the females come up on sandy beaches and dig their tails into the sand to lay their...

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