Latest Geology of solar terrestrial planets Stories

Mars Express Finds Complex History On The Martian Surface
2012-07-05 14:43:24

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online An image taken by the ESA's Mars Express has revealed an area on the Red Planet that has quite a complex history. The orbiter snapped a photo at the Melas Dorsa region on Mars on April 17 with its high-resolution stereo camera. The area is found in the famous Valles Marineris canyon, and sits in the volcanic highlands of Mars between Sinai and Thaumasia Plana. The image shows wrinkled ridges, some unusual intersecting faults, and...

Ancient Asteroid Crater Discovered
2012-06-29 14:19:28

DM Crumbliss for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Asteroid impact craters are found all over the Earth, but most are erased by erosion or covered by time. The date has moved a billion years back by the discovery of the oldest impact crater yet at 3 billion years old. The crater is 100 kilometers wide and is the result of an asteroid or comet impact. The crater was discovered near the Maniitsoq region of West Greenland by a team of scientists from the Geological Survey of...

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