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2010-07-26 11:42:00

VANCOUVER, July 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Focus Ventures Ltd. (TSX-V: FCV.V) is pleased to announce an update on progress at its Chucara gold-silver project, located in the La Libertad gold mining district in north-central Peru, where the Company is preparing to drill in Q3. Focus is exploring for high-grade gold, silver and base metal mineralization in a system of intermediate sulphidation-type veins within a northwest-southeast corridor at least 2 kilometres in length. There has been some...

2010-06-16 18:08:00

TSX-V: GOM FRANKURT EXCHANGE: 3G8 VANCOUVER, June 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - GOLDEN DAWN MINERALS (TSXV-GOM, FRANKFURT - 3G8) (the "Company") is launching a program to evaluate bulk mineable gold copper potential in areas of widespread mineralization identified from historical exploration on the Wild Rose property, "the property", located near Greenwood, in southern British Columbia, Canada. Most of the previous exploration on the property has been directed at the Wild Rose and Deadwood...

2010-06-08 09:29:18

A series of surveys were carried out to characterize the physical and biological parameters of the Millennium Atoll lagoon during a research expedition in April of 2009. Millennium is a remote coral atoll in the Central Pacific belonging to the Republic of Kiribati, and a member of the Southern Line Islands chain. The atoll is among the few remaining coral reef ecosystems that are relatively pristine. The lagoon is highly enclosed, and was characterized by reticulate patch and line reefs...

2010-06-01 14:12:42

Sea level has not been as high as the distinctive ridges that run down the length of Florida for millions of years. Yet recently deposited marine fossils abound in the ridges' sands. Now, a University of Florida geologist may have helped crack that mystery. In a paper appearing June 1 in the June edition of the journal Geology, Peter Adams, a UF assistant professor of geological sciences, says his computer models of Florida's changing land mass support this theory: The land that forms the...

2010-05-06 09:57:58

Among the worrisome environmental effects of global warming is the thawing of Arctic permafrost---soil that normally remains at or below the freezing point for at least a two-year period and often much longer. Monitoring changes in permafrost is difficult with current methods, but a study by University of Michigan researchers offers a new approach to assessing the extent of the problem. The new study approach, which relies on chemical tracers in stream water, is described in the journal...

2010-03-31 12:02:00

TORONTO, March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Galway Resources Ltd. (GWY: TSX-V) is pleased to announce that it has received results from 396 additional channel samples from its Reina de Oro property in Vetas, Colombia, which was acquired in late January 2010. The Reina de Oro property's principal asset is the El Volcan Mine, which has been the site of gold mining since the 1590's and is the largest gold mine in the historic California-Vetas gold mining district. The latest results nearly...

2010-03-24 08:00:00

VANCOUVER, March 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Argentex Mining Corporation (TSX-V: ATX, OTCBB: AGXM) is pleased to provide an update on its ongoing exploration activities in the silver-gold district of Santa Cruz, Argentina. Pinguino Drilling The focus of 2009-2010 drilling at the company's flagship Pinguino property has expanded beyond the core zone of indium-rich silver-zinc-lead mineralization to test the adjacent silver-gold veins. Initial drilling results included a number of high-grade...

2010-03-16 14:44:01

An interdisciplinary team of physicists and geologists led by the University of Pennsylvania has made a major step toward predicting where and how large floods occur on river deltas and alluvial fans. In a laboratory, researchers created a miniature river delta that replicates flooding patterns seen in natural rivers, resulting in a mathematical model capable of aiding in the prediction of the next catastrophic flood. The results appear in the current issue of Geophysical Research Letters....

2010-02-22 07:47:41

Australians can learn much from their deserts and from desert people about how to cope with climate change and scarce resources. That's one of the messages of a new book launched in the Federal Parliament by Senator Trish Crossin today for the Desert Knowledge CRC and CSIRO Publishing. "Dry Times: Blueprint for a Red Land" argues that desert plants, animals and people have been surviving and thriving for thousands of years on scarce resources and uncertain climates "“ and they have the...

2010-02-17 08:30:00

The southern limit of permanently frozen ground, or permafrost, is now 130 kilometers further north than it was 50 years ago in the James Bay region, according to two researchers from the Department of Biology at Universit© Laval. In a recent issue of the scientific journal Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, Serge Payette and Simon Thibault suggest that, if the trend continues, permafrost in the region will completely disappear in the near future. The researchers measured the retreat...

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Desert greening
2013-04-25 16:10:03

Desert greening is made up of any number of methods used to revitalize deserts. So far, only arid and semi-arid desert are meant when using this expression. The icy deserts and other types are considered to be unsuitable. The different methods include landscaping methods to reduce evaporation, erosion, consolidation of topsoil, temperature, sandstorms and more, permaculture in general, planting trees, regeneration of salty, polluted, or degenerated soils, floodwater retention and...

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
2013-04-18 01:20:13

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in western North Dakota in the United States. The park contains 70,446 acres of land that is separated into three distinct badland areas known as the Elkhorn Ranch Unit, the South Unit, and the North Unit. Roosevelt  first visited the area in 1883, while hunting for bison, and is said to have “fallen in love” with the badlands. After investing a large sum of money into the Maltese Cross Ranch, Roosevelt had his own cabin built, which he later...

Badlands National Park
2013-03-05 09:07:20

Badlands national Park is located in the southwest region of South Dakota. It holds 242,756 acres of land, with 64,144 acres comprising a protected wilderness area. The park was designated as a national monument in 1929 and established in 1939, but attained national park status in 1978. The Stronghold Unit area of the park is managed by the National Park Service and the Oglala Lakota tribe and holds many sights including those used for Ghost Dances in the 1890’s, a bomb and gunnery range...

2009-07-06 18:07:31

A drainage divide, water divide, divide, or watershed is the line that separates neighboring drainage basins. In flat country the divide may be invisible (just a notional line on the ground either side of which water starts its journey to different waterways). While, in hilly country, the divide lies along peaks and ridges. Drainage divides are important geographical, and sometimes political boundaries. Roads and railways often follow divides to minimize slopes and marshes and rivers....

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