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2007-06-27 09:00:00

When shopping for salmon, which do you choose, wild or farmed? Opinion is wildly divided on whether wild Pacific salmon is superior to farm-raised Atlantic salmon. Sustainability advocates generally favor wild fish. Advocates for farm-raised (sometimes called, chicly, "artisan aquaculture") fish say there is no difference. Farm-raised salmon is fed coloring agents to mimic wild salmon's deep color; its flesh is sometimes deemed softer and its flavor milder. "We believe that a majority of...

2007-05-30 18:00:00

HONOLULU - An endangered monk seal drowned over the weekend after becoming trapped in an unattended fishing net off Oahu's Makua Beach. Another monk seal found partially entangled in the gill net on Sunday survived. The dead animal was an adult male between 5 and 10 years old that had been staying around Kaena Point, said David Schofield, a marine mammal response coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The second seal followed the dead animal's carcass to shore...

2006-08-23 07:46:25

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - Rescuers have partially disentangled a curtain of fishing net from the tail of a humpback whale in a waterway southeast of Juneau, officials said Tuesday. The gillnet is still wrapped around the whale's tail, however, the cetacean is not in imminent danger, said Sheela McLean, spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The crew followed the whale around Stephens Passage, southeast of Juneau, using a satellite tracking device and managed to...

2005-06-09 20:36:53

Washington "“ Leading marine scientists for the first time have assessed dolphin and porpoise populations around the world which are severely threatened by entanglement in fishing gear and recommended nine urgent priorities for action in a report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund. These nine projects highlight species threatened by bycatch that will most likely benefit from immediate action and will continue to languish without intervention. The list of dolphins and porpoises...

2005-06-09 06:45:00

JOHANNESBURG -- From Southeast Asia to the Black Sea, fishing nets have become deathtraps for thousands of whales, dolphins and porpoises - species whose survival will be threatened unless fishing methods change, the World Wildlife Fund said Thursday. The U.S.-based environmental group released a marine scientists' report that listed species threatened by accidental catch, and recommended low-cost steps to reduce their entanglement in fishing gear. The report identified dolphins in the...

2005-02-07 07:52:03

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Each winter, schools of silvery herring pass beneath the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to drop their eggs in the lushly vegetated corners of San Francisco Bay. In recent years, however, scientists have worried about the health of the bay's herring population. Fishermen also have found it increasingly difficult to earn a living in the bay's last significant commercial fishery, but argue the herring population is healthy and state restrictions are the cause of their woes....

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