Latest Gina McKee Stories

2008-09-16 00:00:21

By Alice Jones The star of the Donmar's 'Ivanov' specialises in playing damaged women - yet off stage, Gina McKee seems coolly confident. Alice Jones meets her Elegant, alabaster-pale and with a measured murmur of a voice, Gina McKee is, initially at least, regally inscrutable. But every so often you catch a chink in the actress's unruffled exterior. More than once she breaks off from one of her thoughtfully evasive answers to say, with a hefty hint of Geordie, "blether, blether" or "I...

2008-09-07 00:00:14

By Hermione Eyre Gina McKee shines as a wife who discovers her husband's grim secret, but the darkness of the piece is unbearable Television Fiona's Story BBC 1 Lost in Austen ITV1 God on Trial BBC 2 The Sculpture Diaries CHANNEL 4 Let us first praise Gina McKee. The word "pellucid" should never be used except to describe her complexion, which damn well radiates light and meaning. In Fiona's Story she played a woman realising slowly, very slowly, that her husband is not who she thought...

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