Latest Gingiva Stories

2013-08-26 23:00:51

Northwood Dental in Clearwater, FL is reversing periodontal disease and helping to prevent tooth and bone loss with a revolutionary laser gum surgery treatment called the Laser Assisted New Attachment

2013-08-24 23:04:19

Periodontal disease patients in Lafayette, LA have a new choice for gum disease treatment with Dr. James Finley of Finley Periodontics. Dr.

2013-08-23 23:18:34

Who would have thought that human donor tissue could be used to replace missing gum tissue? Periodontist Dr.

2013-08-21 23:27:54

Oral health experts from Eludril and Elgydium are warning under-18s to tackle gingivitis early after a new government study revealed that at least half are facing gum disease or tooth decay.

2013-08-14 23:03:52

Northwood Dental in Clearwater, FL is changing the way people think about gum disease treatment.

2013-08-12 23:03:18

A beautiful smile is not just about nice teeth; the gums are equally as important.

2013-08-10 23:03:38

Dr. Steven N. Rice at the Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington urges sufferers of periodontitis to seek gum disease treatment.