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2014-01-03 15:51:23

Global energy inequality lessens, but for how long? The 18th century writer Adam Smith provided a workable metaphor for the way society utilizes resources. In his book "The Wealth of Nations," he argued that even as individuals strive, through personal industry, to maximize their advantage in life, they inadvertently contribute---as if under the influence of a "hidden hand"---to an aggregate disposition of wealth. Well, if Smith were a physicist and alive in the 21st century he might be...

2011-02-07 15:10:56

Why in the United States are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Part of the answer lies in the unique economies of our larger cities, finds a study by Ronni Pavan of the University of Rochester and Nathaniel Baum-Snow of Brown University and the National Bureau of Economic Research. "Our results show that overall up to one-third of the growth in the wage gap between the rich and the poor is driven by city size independent of workers' skills," says Pavan. Using U.S. Census...

2006-02-07 00:21:43

BEIJING (Reuters) - The gap between rich and poor in China's cities has reached alarming levels, the main economic planning agency says in the latest high-level warning of the inequalities spawned by breakneck growth. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), issuing the results of a study on income inequality among urban residents, said the wealth gap in China's cities was now "unreasonable," the official Xinhua news agency reported. The poorest fifth of urban residents...

2006-01-31 22:52:45

By Ritsuko Ando TOKYO (Reuters) - Is your annual salary lower than your age multiplied by $1,000? Do you eat lots of snacks and fast foods? Japanese readers who answered yes to these and other questions by Atsushi Miura in his recent best-seller "Karyu Shakai (Underclass Society)" were told what they may have suspected all along: they are members of an emerging class of the new poor. The book touched off debate about a new social divide in a country that has long seen itself as...

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