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Richard Muller Converts, Human Activity Causes Global Warming
2012-07-30 14:38:55

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online One skeptical climate scientist has changed his beliefs, and now says that human activity is indeed causing the Earth to warm. Prof Richard Muller, who founded the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, admitted in a New York Times opinion piece on Saturday that he was a "converted skeptic." He admitted that a new study aimed at looking into climate change skeptics' concerns helped alter his beliefs. "Last year,...

Americans More Concerned About Air Pollution Than Global Warming
2012-07-03 14:17:44

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Americans are more concerned with water and air pollution than with climate change, according to a new survey. A Washington Post-Stanford University poll found that climate change no longer ranks as the leader in what Americans see as the world's biggest environmental problems. The survey found that just 18 percent of those who were polled said global warming was their top environmental concern. This number has declined from 33...

Lack of Science Education Not The Cause Of Climate Change Debate
2012-05-28 03:56:47

Is the divide between climate change theory advocates and global warming skeptics due to scientific ignorance? Not according to a new study published in the latest edition of the journal Nature Climate Change. According to a Sunday statement, researchers affiliated with the Yale Law School's Cultural Cognition Project tested the scientific literacy of a "representative sample" of 1,500 American adults in order to determine whether or not a lack of basic scientific education was responsible...

2012-05-25 23:00:47

George Jarkesy released an article regarding 49 notable astronauts and NASA employees who believe that NASA is shifting towards politics and away from objective scientific observation and fact regarding global warming. Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 25, 2012 George Jarkesy penned an op-ed after welcoming Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham on his show on May 9. Their discussion focused on the issue of global warming and NASA´s support of the global warming “hypothesis.” The former...

2012-05-07 20:18:50

One popular climate record that shows a slower atmospheric warming trend than other studies contains a data calibration problem, and when the problem is corrected the results fall in line with other records and climate models, according to a new University of Washington study. The finding is important because it helps confirm that models that simulate global warming agree with observations, said Stephen Po-Chedley, a UW graduate student in atmospheric sciences who wrote the paper with...

2012-05-05 07:51:16

A Chicago-based, conservative and libertarian think tank has told the Washington Post that they are going to abandon a brief but controversial advertising campaign which claimed that "the most prominent advocates of global warming aren´t scientists. They are murderers, tyrants, and madmen.” According to reporter Jason Samenow's original report, the Heartland Institute, a group which promotes climate skepticism, launched a digital billboard campaign featuring Ted Kaczynski, aka...

Global Warming's Impact On Plants Greater Than Predicted
2012-05-04 04:53:36

Jason Farmer for RedOrbit.com For over two decades, researchers have been conducting experiments that are designed to mimic the effects of rising temperatures on the rates at which plants first begin to leaf and flower each spring. However, a new study has found that that these models are inaccurate, and that the actual impact of global warming on plants may cause the flowering and leafing of plants to occur up to eight times faster than the models predicted. For many years, researchers...

Americans Finally Warming Up To Climate Change
2012-04-19 04:49:07

After experiencing several years of severe weather, including extreme heat, droughts and tornadoes in unusual locations, it seems the public has finally come around to the idea of global warming. A poll released on Wednesday reveals many Americans believe the wild weather of late has been magnified due to global warming. The majority of Americans believe the weather has been getting worse, by a margin of 2 to 1. This survey is the most detailed of its kind, measuring the public´s...

2012-04-05 13:58:21

Researcher helps paint the fullest picture yet of how increases in CO2 helped end the ice age Harvard scientists are helping to paint the fullest picture yet of how a handful of factors, particularly world-wide increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, combined to end the last ice age approximately 20,000 to 10,000 years ago. As described in a paper published April 5 in Nature, researchers compiled ice and sedimentary core samples collected from dozens of locations around the world, and...

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