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2011-06-07 00:00:31

Easy-to-Digest Goat Dairy and Lactose Free Cow Dairy Star Recipes Deliver Creamy Richness of Dairy Without Tummy Trouble Sebastopol, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2011 Just in time for National Dairy Month (June), Cooking With Allergic Girl debuts the first of a three-part video recipe series with cooking ideas for the lactose intolerant.

2011-06-03 07:00:00

BEIJING, June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Recently, Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd (China) announced the M&A with Hyproca Dairy Group Corporate (Holland) and acquired a 51% share of Hyproca's stock.

2011-05-18 14:23:32

Researchers at the University of Granada have found that goat milk has nutritional characteristics beneficial to health.

2011-05-12 06:15:00

According to researchers, goats are able to recognize the voices of their young kids, and differentiate them from other animals’ offspring.

2011-03-23 13:37:00

Scientists warned on Wednesday that 45 rare species of wallaby, bandicoot and other Australian animals could become extinct within 20 years unless urgent action is taken to control introduced predators and other threats.

2011-03-09 09:35:30

After years of experimenting with the feces of large cats, a team from the University of Queensland discovered that the feces of tigers is an effective deterrent in warding off animal pests such as goats and kangaroos from certain plants.

2010-10-28 00:00:39

Goat Milk Stuff Launches All-Natural Lip Balms in Variety of Flavors All-natural, chemical-free Black Cherry, Honey, Vanilla, Peppermint & Unscented Goat Milk Stuff Lip Balms cost just $3 each online at http://www.GoatMilkSoap.com. Charlestown, IN (Vocus) October 27, 2010 Goat Milk Stuffâ„¢ launched a full line of all-natural Lip Balms to moisten and protect lips against chapping, chafing, cracking from sunburn, windburn and from conditions ranging from dry indoor air to extreme hot and...

2010-10-24 00:12:54

Goat Milk Stuff Introduces Fundraiser Program for Worthy Causes to Raise Funds with All-Natural Goat Milk Soap PJ Jonas, co-founder of Goat Milk Stuff announced the GMS Fundraiser Program, online at http://www.goatmilkstuff.com, to help worthy causes. Charlestown, IN (Vocus) October 23, 2010 Fundraising activities to help others in local communities across the nation, from Church and school events to community campaigns, are part of the American way, said Goat Milk Stuffâ„¢ co-founder PJ...

2010-10-22 00:00:37

Goat Milk Stuff Offers Gift Packs of Natural Goat Milk Soap, Lotion, & Bath Products at GoatMilkStuff.com Great gift pack ideas online at http://www.GoatMilkStuff.com Charlestown, IN (Vocus) October 21, 2010 As Gift Guides recommend giving presents from clothes to electronics, Goat Milk Stuffâ„¢ announced homemade, all-natural Gift Pack alternatives featuring goat milk soaps, lotions, and bath bombs sets that are elegantly presented in colorful organza bags.

2010-10-21 00:00:40

Indianapolis Star Showcases Goat Milk Stuff™ as Environmentally-Friendly Goat Milk Soap Company Goat Milk Stuff's PJ Jonas wrote about environmentally-friendly GMS goat milk soap in The Indianapolis Star. Charlestown, IN (Vocus) October 20, 2010 Goat Milk Stuff™ announced that “Going green has worked well for the environment and our Goat Milk Stuff business of all-natural goat milk soap.” The Indianapolis Star newspaper showcased the business in an article by PJ...

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Animal husbandry
2013-08-21 10:25:40

Animal husbandry is the caring and breeding of domestic animals by humans, such as cattle, pigs, sheep and horses. Animal husbandry includes grooming, accommodations, and hygiene of the animals. Animal husbandry may also consist of specialized breeding in order to obtain a desirable characteristic, such as strength, temperament, increased production of by-products, or bone structure of the intended animal. Farmers, ranchers, and sheepherders practice animal husbandry as well as those who take...

East Caucasian Tur, Capra cylindricornis
2012-08-24 16:27:17

The East Caucasian tur (Capra cylindricornis) is a goat-antelope that resides only on the eastern half of the Caucasus Mountains. It prefers a habitat in rocky areas, at altitudes of between 2,600 and 13,000 feet. This species migrates during the year, moving down the slopes in May and back up in October. Some of the areas that this tur migrates to are protected. The East Caucasian tur reaches an average height of 39 inches at the shoulder, and a weight of 130 pounds. The bodies of this...

2004-10-19 04:45:44

Capricornus (The Sea Goat) Constellation -- Location: Zodiac constellation, visible in both hemispheres; Coordinates: Right Ascension: 21h; Declination: -20; Source: Ancient, Babylonian and Greek mythology The constellations that are included in the Zodiac - the 12 constellations recognized by Babylonian astronomers through which our Sun, moon, and planets appeared to travel during the course of a year - are considered to be among the oldest sky patterns recognized by human civilizations....

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