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2008-07-31 09:00:47

By Cathy Locke, The Sacramento Bee, Calif. Jul. 31--A mountain lion that is believed to have killed two goats on a Somerset farm in southern El Dorado County was shot to death last week.

2008-07-23 09:00:50

By Regine Labossiere, The Hartford Courant, Conn. Jul. 23--SIMSBURY -- The Town Farm Dairy has stopped producing and selling milk and milk products indefinitely after four people contracted E. coli, possibly linked to raw milk they bought from the Simsbury farm, officials said.

2008-07-20 06:00:25

By Bill Jackson, Greeley Tribune, Colo. Jul. 20--The dairy industry, which is the fastest growing segment of northern Colorado agriculture, is probably the most demanding career a farm family can be involved in.

2008-07-14 15:00:37

By GOODWIN, Emma If you take a deep breath as you hit the supermarket checkout and wonder if you're going to have to donate a kidney to pay for this week's groceries, you may find the following advice helpful.

2008-06-24 12:00:00

School's out and summer is the time of year when millions of children attend various camps, many of which are sports-related. From basketball to tennis to football and even hockey, kids need to be physically prepared for their sport of choice or injuries could occur.

2007-08-02 06:16:59

By Jennifer K. Morita, The Sacramento Bee, Calif. Aug. 2--Bleating goats and sheep have replaced the noisy drone of a Weed Eater in some communities' efforts to reduce fire risks.

2006-10-16 11:30:00

Concerned the animals could become extinct, the SVF Foundation is collecting germplasm - sperm, fertilized embryos, blood and tissue - from its cattle to try to preserve the breed. Dutch Belteds are one of 18 endangered breeds of cattle, sheep and goats the foundation hopes to save.

2005-07-08 11:38:47

TUNCELI, Turkey (Reuters) - More than two dozen people have been diagnosed with the anthrax infection in eastern Turkey after eating contaminated meat, prompting authorities to quarantine their village, health officials said on Friday.

2004-12-24 08:29:23

It's hairy and smells and will butt you, given half a chance. But the humble goat is one of Britain's most popular Christmas presents, with several charities offering the chance to do something for others by buying one of the animals for an impoverished family in the developing world.

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Animal husbandry
2013-08-21 10:25:40

Animal husbandry is the caring and breeding of domestic animals by humans, such as cattle, pigs, sheep and horses. Animal husbandry includes grooming, accommodations, and hygiene of the animals. Animal husbandry may also consist of specialized breeding in order to obtain a desirable characteristic, such as strength, temperament, increased production of by-products, or bone structure of the intended animal. Farmers, ranchers, and sheepherders practice animal husbandry as well as those who take...

East Caucasian Tur, Capra cylindricornis
2012-08-24 16:27:17

The East Caucasian tur (Capra cylindricornis) is a goat-antelope that resides only on the eastern half of the Caucasus Mountains. It prefers a habitat in rocky areas, at altitudes of between 2,600 and 13,000 feet. This species migrates during the year, moving down the slopes in May and back up in October. Some of the areas that this tur migrates to are protected. The East Caucasian tur reaches an average height of 39 inches at the shoulder, and a weight of 130 pounds. The bodies of this...

2004-10-19 04:45:44

Capricornus (The Sea Goat) Constellation -- Location: Zodiac constellation, visible in both hemispheres; Coordinates: Right Ascension: 21h; Declination: -20; Source: Ancient, Babylonian and Greek mythology The constellations that are included in the Zodiac - the 12 constellations recognized by Babylonian astronomers through which our Sun, moon, and planets appeared to travel during the course of a year - are considered to be among the oldest sky patterns recognized by human civilizations....

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