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Greener Aerogel Technology Has Potential For Oil And Chemical Clean-up
2014-02-26 15:45:34

University of Wisconsin-Madison Cleaning up oil spills and metal contaminates in a low-impact, sustainable and inexpensive manner remains a challenge for companies and governments globally. But a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is examining alternative materials that can be modified to absorb oil and chemicals without absorbing water. If further developed, the technology may offer a cheaper and "greener" method to absorb oil and heavy metals from water and...

2009-12-14 06:35:00

EL CENTRO, Calif., Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- In her new autobiography, "God Never Forsakes Me" (published by iUniverse), debut author Amelia Gong reveals the hardships she has endured and the triumphs she has seen as a result of her adoption by a loving Chinese family and the future Christian path she would eventually take because of the terrible atrocities she witnessed as a young girl. When Communist soldiers invade Gong's childhood home and drive her family to Hong Kong, where they would...

2009-10-26 11:21:00

LONDON and NEW YORK, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Independent web and mobile video content platform Babelgum has just announced a new Sci-Fi/Horror block of programming for its expanding Comedy Channel. The new comedy block includes the initial premiere of four new series that have been created and produced exclusively for Babelgum's mobile and online distribution. Included in the Sci-Fi/Horror Comedy Block is the new series The Occulterers, an interactive comedy and horror series...

2008-07-04 06:00:37

By Jonathan Adams Outside a popular tourist site in Taipei on a baking-hot morning recently, Gao Mingzhu, 56, a visitor from Beijing, took a break in the shade and posed as his tour group companion took a picture. Six meters, or 20 feet away, 10 members of Falun Gong, the spiritual group outlawed as an "evil cult" in China, were greeting the newly arrived Chinese tourists and trying to pass out promotional flyers and newspaper articles. Gao shook his head disapprovingly. "They're...

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