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China Blocks Google
2012-11-10 09:07:03

Google’s services are currently blocked in China, according to web-monitoring group GreatFire.org.

Google Wants Bigger Presence In China Market
2012-01-13 13:23:17

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Google is trying to smooth over its relationship with China after having a rough couple of years.

2010-08-03 12:15:00

A question-and-answer page for Google's Chinese users was inaccessible from China on Tuesday less than a month after the company's Internet license was renewed.

2010-07-30 09:00:00

Google's search engine and other Internet services were back up and running in mainland China on Friday morning after what the company believed was online censorship turned out to be nothing more than a technical hiccup.

2010-07-07 13:20:00

A company spokeswoman and government official said Wednesday that Google's application for renewal of its license to operate in China is still under review.

2010-03-22 06:05:00

China’s state news agency accused Google Inc of forcing a political agenda by falsely claiming the Chinese government supported hacker attacks and by pushing its culture, ideas, and values on the country.

2010-03-14 10:48:41

The Financial Times said on Saturday that Google’s talks with China over censorship have reached an apparent impasse, and the Internet company is now almost certain it will shut down its Chinese search engine.

2009-06-25 09:31:59

Google services in some parts of China have been interrupted as the search engine giant is accused of proliferating vulgar content in its Web searches by China’s Foreign Ministry.

2009-06-19 12:45:00

State media in China reported that authorities had shut down some of Google’s search services because of indecent material, leading the Internet giant to announce on Friday it would work harder to eliminate pornography from its Chinese Web pages.

2009-06-19 09:14:38

A Chinese government-backed Internet watchdog has sharply criticized Google Inc. for allowing access to pornography through its Web site. Some of Google China's online search business was suspended and the U.S.

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