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Google Chrome Now Offers Cloud-Based Spell Checking
2013-03-27 10:38:48

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Members of team Google wear their nerdiness as a badge of honor. They´ve bid Pi-million dollars ($3.14159) on a set of mobile patents. They´re working in earnest on a pair of glasses that better belong in a Star Trek novel than in the office. They named their operating system “Android,” for crying out loud. Yet with their latest update to the Chrome browser, the Google team has tipped their hand,...

Google Releases Chrome 19 Featuring Synched Tabs
2012-05-16 07:29:14

Google released a new, stable version of its Chrome browser on Tuesday, which adds a tab synching feature that allows users signed into their Google account to have any open tabs automatically synced to the cloud. This means users who switch to another computer or device can access any tabs they had open by simply selecting the “Other Devices” menu at the bottom of the new tab page. Chrome will then display any tabs the user last had open when they were previously signed in....

Google Offering Up $1 Million In Prizes To Hackers
2012-02-28 12:50:27

Google announced this week that it will be handing out $1 million to hackers who can successfully exploit its Chrome browser at next week's CanSecWest security conference. The company said it will be handing out several prizes at the conference for users who are able to exploit different security flaws on the browser. Users who are able to exploit the browser using only bugs in Chrome itself at the conference will be rewarded with $60,000. The company also said that hackers who...

2009-09-16 06:25:00

Search engine giant Google has launched a new and improved version of its Chrome browser, with a version for the Mac on the way. It has been almost one year to date since Google made its high profile debut into the browser market, which is dominated by Microsoft Corp. Google is currently ranked in distant fourth place with a market share of roughly 2.8 percent. Chrome is much more to the company than a browser, it represents a much broader objective to create a new Web-based operating...

2009-05-11 14:05:00

Google has started a campaign to promote its Web browser Chrome by using U.S. television advertisements. Currently, Google holds the dominant share of the search engine market without using advertisements, but has been forced to take a different approach with its Web browser. Friday, Google said that it would run the first Google Chrome ad in a 30 second spot over the weekend. "We designed a Google TV Ads campaign which we hope will raise awareness of our browser, and also help us better...

2008-12-11 15:20:06

After 100 days of its debut, Google is taking its Web browser out of the test mode state. Chrome, Google's browser, is an important step for Google in their attempt to lure Web surfers away from leading browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google hopes that Chrome will give better insights about users' preferences and extend the popularity of its online applications, which are suppose to run more smoothly using Chrome. Chrome has attracted more than 10 million active users from around...

2008-10-10 15:00:13

Medmatics, LLC, a leading vendor of on-demand, anticoagulation software for private practices and hospital settings, today announced its support for the Google Chrome Browser, a new open source browser intended to make the Web faster, safer, and easier. As the first anticoagulation management software application with native support for Firefox 3.0 (announced August), CoaguTrak continues to focus on innovation around the latest browser technology and is also the first anticoagulation software...

2008-09-09 12:00:15

By MICHAEL LIEDTKE The product, Chrome, could reduce Microsoft's ubiquity on PCs. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- The new Web browser that Google Inc. released Tuesday is designed to expand its huge lead in the Internet search market and reduce Microsoft Corp.'s imprint on personal computers. The free browser, called "Chrome," is being promoted as a sleeker, faster and more secure alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which has been the leading vehicle for surfing the Web for the...

2008-09-07 12:00:08

Google has never shied away from a computing challenge. Searching the Web is synonymous with Google. For many people, E-mail is synonymous with Gmail. In fact, that is one of the things that makes Google worrisome when it comes to guaranteeing security and protecting privacy. Now, Google is taking on the very foundation of its own existence - the Web browser. On Tuesday, it released a beta version of its new browser, Chrome, a word that programmers use to describe the frame of a browser...

2008-09-03 09:30:00

By Stephen Foley Microsoft has vowed to fight back against the launch of a new web browser by arch-rival Google, promising new features for its market- leading Internet Explorer and putting itself on alert for a challenge to Google on competition grounds. Internet users in 100 countries were yesterday able to download Google's Chrome, which is said to be less likely to crash and more efficient in running complicated applications. Google shares jumped on the news, which analysts said was a...

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Google Chrome
2013-02-16 09:42:00

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser that was released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2, 2008, and fully released on December 11, 2008 as a standalone. As of November 2012, usage share is 35 percent worldwide. A mobile version for Android was released on November 28, 2012. When Google first thought of developing a web browser, chairman Eric Schmidt opposed, but after hiring several developers from Mozilla who built and demonstrated Chrome, he changed his mind....

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