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Google Earth 3D Now Available For Apple Devices
2012-07-29 07:56:53

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Android users no longer have exclusive access to Google Earth's 3D imagery on the go, as the feature was unveiled this week for select Apple iOS-powered devices, according to Deborah Netburn of the Los Angeles Times. According to Netburn, anyone who owns an iPad 2, an iPhone 4S, an iPod Touch 4, or a more recent device will now have the ability to take virtual tours of detailed three-dimensional landscapes -- a feature that those...

Google Admits It Still Has Street View Data
2012-07-28 06:23:58

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online In another eye-brow raising move, Google has admitted that it did not delete data it collected while unleashing its Street View service on the public. Google has been under scrutiny, particular in Europe and Australia, for how it went about collecting data from Wi-Fi networks as it cruised along streets, snapping photos of the streets and surroundings. The company agreed to delete the data after international pressure surrounded the...

2012-07-11 11:17:20

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Fresh off a record-setting $22.5 million fine from the American FTC, Google now has to wait until September before hearing their fate from a European regulator. Though France´s Commission Nationale de l'Informatique (or CNIL) had originally expected to have made a decision about Google´s privacy policies in June, the data protection watchdog group now says they´ll have to wait until the fall. Google had taken a new...

Britain Re-opens Google Street View Probe
2012-06-14 05:34:37

Google will likely 'escape punishment' for gathering private emails, passwords, medical data, web browsing details and other private information from millions of Britons as it mapped out areas of the country in its fleet of Street View vehicles, experts say. The Internet search giant released sworn declarations from nine engineers involved in the controversial Street View project, who said they were unaware that Street View had been designed to collect such private data. The documents...

2012-06-13 09:46:30

Google is taking the next step in its quest to map out the world, launching a new “Street View Trekker” backpack camera that, when carried by foot, can chart anyplace on Earth, from difficult mountainous terrain to jungle tracks to the narrowest urban alleys. The Internet search giant said the 40-lb. backpack camera represents "another step forward" in its move to create a comprehensive map of the world. "There's a whole wilderness out there that is only accessible by foot....

2012-06-12 12:33:33

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com June is only now upon us, but it´s already a brand new year for Apple. Their product packed Keynote presentation yesterday not only delivered a brand new, iPad-themed machine aimed squarely at professionals, they also peeled the cover back slightly on iOS 6, the mobile operating system which runs on all things “i.” Though iOS 6 isn´t slated to arrive until the “fall”–likely a few days before we see the new...

2012-06-12 08:07:39

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com As the old saying goes, you never want to know how the sausage is made. Sometimes, it´s simply easier–both on the mind and the stomach– to be ignorant as to how the things we consume are delivered to us. Case in point, Google´s Street View rovers. As they drive through cities and towns, they continuously capture data and images. As such, they´ve often caught a few things on camera that may or may not have been intended for such...

Street View Blurring Requirements Eased By Swiss Court
2012-06-09 05:51:01

Google will be able to continue offering their Street View service in Switzerland after a federal court there ruled that the Mountain View, California-based tech giant will not be required to black out faces and license plates before publishing photographs online. Previously, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court in Bern ruled that Google had to blur 100% of the people and license plates before they could be added to the mapping service, and that other features such as skin color and...

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