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Google Street View Inquiries To Be Reopened In Europe
2012-05-03 09:37:03

The heat over Google´s Street View service may be turned down in the US, but European privacy regulators are considering reopening inquiries into the company´s wifi sniffing and private data collection. The story that this was the error of a single programmer isn´t sitting well with European officials, reports Kevin J. Obrien of the New York Times. Jacob Kohnstamm, a Dutch regulator who is the chairman of the top European privacy panel feels Google mislead regulators in the...

Google Cube, A Game For Non-Gamers
2012-04-30 08:54:02

Review by John Neumann for RedOrbit.com Are you one of the dozens of people around the globe aching to drive a tiny ball through digital neighborhoods and learn the wonders of Google´s mapping program? Yea, neither am I. However, if such an idea pushes your pleasure centers, roll on over to Google Cube and knock yourself out. You'll need Google Chrome to play, however. Google Cube places players on a giant, six-panel cube that spins when generating each of eight new levels. Players...

Google Employees Knew Of Street View Data Collection Code
2012-04-30 04:15:21

Documents obtained by Reuters and the Los Angeles Times have brought to light new details regarding Google Street View and the Federal Communications Commission´s (FCC) investigation into the service. According to Times reporter Jessica Guynn, an unredacted version of the government report into allegations regarding the collection of personal information by Street View personnel revealed that the engineer who created the software code responsible for the collection of said data did...

Google Versus The Feds: The Dirty Follow-up
2012-04-28 03:48:48

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com When two people fight, the initial altercation usually isn´t the worst part; It´s the following weeks, months or even years of terse words, stared daggers and awkward moments-in-passing. Now that the FCC and Google have had their run-ins in court, the most gruesome and gossip-worthy moments in FCC v Google may be just ahead as each side lob verbal bombs and meager fines at one another. Like many of Google´s products, regardless if they...

Google Has To Answer More Uncomfortable Questions
2012-04-18 04:31:06

On its surface, the idea of Google Street View seemed like a good one. Users could see their directions rather than read them from a list. However, the methods used to capture this data are inciting questions once more from privacy watchdogs and federal agencies, questions Google isn´t too keen on answering. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has censured Google for obstructing an inquiry into the Street View project. As the specially equipped and Google-branded cars drove...

Google's "Project Glass" – Augmented Reality For Your Face
2012-04-05 10:00:37

Brett Smith for Redorbit.com Just as you were starting to get used to seeing people on the street talking to someone who isn´t there and not thinking they´re crazy-- Google unveils Project Glass. If Google´s augmented-reality eyewear makes its way onto the heads of everyday folk, we might be seeing people react to things on the street that aren´t there. This week, Google posted a video and images on their Google+ site that shows a how lens-less set of frames fitted...

White House Opened Up To Google Art Project
2012-04-04 05:00:24

The Google Art Project has opened up many museums around the world for global visitors who are unable to visit and gaze upon the great works available. Now, according to USA Today, the White House has been opened up by the Obamas as a virtual museum where people can visit online and observe the great works of art available there. Mrs. Obama says in a video for the Google Art Project, “The White House isn´t simply a home to first families or meeting space for world leaders...

Google's April Fools Prank Features 8-bit Version Of Maps
2012-04-01 05:49:45

Google got April Fool's Day festivities off to an early start on Saturday, unveiling the new and improved 8-bit version of Google Maps as well as a promotional video announcing that the service would be coming to what Product Management Director Ken Tokusei calls "one of the most popular computer systems ever sold" -- the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). To try out this new-and-improved old-school style version of the web application, look for the "Quest" feature on the right side of...

Google Takes Users On A Virtual Trip Down The Amazon River
2012-03-23 04:30:40

Google announced Street View Amazon on Wednesday, a project that allows users to take a 360 degree virtual tour of the Rio Negro reserve portion of the Amazon River. A spin on their popular online map service, Street View Amazon was stitched together with pictures taken along to the Rio Negro. Google used cameras mounted to three wheeled bicycles and traveled along the river and adjoining jungles and villages to capture the images used for the project. “Take a virtual boat ride...

Google Teaming Up With Scientific Survey To Show Off Great Barrier Reef
2012-02-23 14:10:01

Researchers have partnered with Google in an effort to allow anyone with Internet access to take a virtual tour of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The Catlin Seaview Survey announced that it will carry out the first comprehensive study of the composition and health of reef coral to an unprecedented depth range. The project's chief scientists, Ove Hoegh Guldberg, a professor at the University of Queensland, said scientific data gathered would help strengthen the understanding about how...

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