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New Google Maps Offers Building Directories
2011-11-30 13:00:02

Google's new updated maps app for its Android operating system enables users to view the insides of a building, such as an airport or a department store.

Wi-Fi Opt-out From Google Database Now Available
2011-11-16 11:55:57

Google Inc. announced late Tuesday that it will allow owners of Wi-Fi networks to be removed from its crowd-sourced geolocation database, which it revamped this summer after privacy concerns arose.

Google Charging Some Users For Its Map Service
2011-11-02 12:10:09

Google announced on October 26 that it will start charging users in the future for heavy usage of its Google Maps service.

2011-11-01 02:30:00

According to Hitwise, the Google social network grew 1269 percent after its “open access” announcement.

2011-10-29 07:28:52

Google has launched a "pilot project" that will allow users of its Street View service to take a peek inside shops and other businesses.

Image 1 - Helicopter View Feature for Google Maps Unveiled
2011-10-03 05:26:38

Over this past weekend, Google Maps rolled out a new, 3D bird's-eye view which allows users of the navigation service to explore as if they were traveling in a virtual helicopter.

2011-09-19 13:20:00

The highly rated Plane Finder App for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone has launched as a new free web app for desktop users.

Google Offers Opt-out For Wireless Router Owners
2011-09-14 10:17:49

In an effort to calm European privacy regulators, Internet search giant Google announced Tuesday that it would allow people around the world that use home wireless routers the option of removing their devices from a registry the company uses to locate cellphone users.

2011-08-20 15:29:35

Google has begun the process of mapping the Amazon rainforest for its Street View service.

2011-08-13 00:00:32

CyberCity 3D, Inc.â„¢ is now featuring its models on the new Google Mapsâ„¢ for mobile with 3D buildings.

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