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Brain Autopilot Typing
2013-12-06 11:25:21

[ Watch the Video: Can You Type On Autopilot? ] Bryan P. Carpender for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online As I type this, my brain is not really aware of what my fingers are doing. At least that’s what a new study says. Conducted by a team of cognitive psychologists from Vanderbilt and Kobe universities, this new study concludes that we are able to automatically perform complex activities without necessarily being mindful of the mechanics involved. The study focused on typing...

2010-11-01 08:50:00

Typing test reveals key information about cognitive illusions New research published October 28 in the journal Science says people think about things they think they don't think about. Vanderbilt University psychologists Gordon Logan and Matthew Crump say when highly skilled people such as surgeons, carpenters, or pilots perform actions without thinking, those actions are highly controlled. The finding adds key information to a debate on whether people consciously perform actions in which...

2010-10-28 14:25:04

Expert typists are able to zoom across the keyboard without ever thinking about which fingers are pressing the keys. New research from Vanderbilt University reveals that this skill is managed by an autopilot, one that is able to catch errors that can fool our conscious brain. The research was published in the Oct. 29 issue of Science. "We all know we do some things on autopilot, from walking to doing familiar tasks like making coffee and, in this study, typing. What we don't know as...

2010-10-13 09:11:00

GEORGETOWN, Texas, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning Sunday, October 17, over 700 Sport Clips stores will kick off the company's annual "Help A Hero" fundraising campaign supporting the Veterans of Foreign Wars' (VFW) Operation Uplink(TM) in their communities across the country. In its fourth year supporting Operation Uplink, a program that offers free call days for deployed and hospitalized American service members, Sport Clips hopes to raise $300,000. Donations to "Help A Hero" will be...

2007-04-18 14:08:27

New research offers insight into cause of ADHD In the children's game "red light green light," winners are able to stop, and take off running again, more quickly than their comrades. New research reveals that a similar race goes on in our brains, with impulse control being the big winner. "The research provides new insights into how the brain controls movements, which helps explain the impulsivity of people with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder," study co-author Jeffrey Schall, E....

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