Latest Government Accountability Office Stories

2005-09-23 15:18:44

By David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Tax breaks such as deductions for home mortgage interest and state and local taxes cost the federal government $728 billion last year and need to be reexamined, the Government Accountability Office said in a new report on Friday. Comptroller General David Walker, who heads the agency, said the government must look at ways to rein in the growth of so-called tax expenditures if it is to avoid huge fiscal deficit problems in future years. "We're...

2005-09-12 11:40:37

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force has taken a step toward seeking new bids in the second phase of the Small Diameter Bomb, a multibillion-dollar Boeing Co. program successfully challenged last year by Lockheed Martin Corp. In an announcement posted on a federal contractor Web site on Friday, the Air Force said it would meet with potential contractors collectively on September 20 and again individually on September 22. It also issued a draft "request for proposals" and asked...

2005-08-18 11:34:02

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. government reforms aimed at saving Medicare and Medicaid $1.9 billion over six years by updating its contract process with outside companies are incomplete, according to a report released on Wednesday. The agency that runs the U.S. insurance programs for the elderly, disabled and poor should take more time to implement changes to its bidding process, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), said. Medicare and Medicaid rely on about 50 contractors to...

2005-07-21 19:22:41

By John Crawley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pilots violated U.S. airspace restrictions nearly 3,400 times from mid-September 2001 to the end of 2004, with most of the incidents involving the no-fly area around Washington, D.C., according to a congressional report on Thursday. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted gaps among key agencies in coordinating the response to aircraft that stray too close to government centers, landmarks, nuclear plants, and areas that are temporarily off...

2005-07-15 19:32:32

By Jim Wolf WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States should do more to prevent unauthorized foreign access to secret information through defense contractors, congressional investigators said in a report issued on Friday. The Defense Security Service (DSS) "does not systematically ask for, collect or analyze data in a manner that helps it properly oversee contractors entrusted with U.S. classified information," the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said. The DSS is meant to keep tabs...

2005-06-28 19:10:19

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Medicaid administrators should strengthen oversight of a growing number of paid consultants hired by states to maximize their federal reimbursements under the program, the Government Accountability Office said on Tuesday. In a new report, the GAO said Medicaid could face a financial risk if inappropriate claims rise due to the use of consultants whose fees are contingent upon the amount of federal reimbursements they generate. The study took a close look at...

2005-07-01 20:34:38

By David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon's plan to close andcutback military bases around the country may not produce allof the savings projected because the total armed forces willnot be cut, the Government Accountability Office reported onFriday. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in May unveiled plans forclosures and restructurings of 837 military facilities -- morethan all previous rounds of base closures combined -- with aloss of more than 26,000 jobs. The Pentagon said the...

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