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2006-04-14 07:37:18

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - At least three people were wounded in two explosions in the largest mosque in the Indian capital on Friday, television news channels reported. A police officer said officials had gone to the Jama Masjid mosque in the old quarter of Delhi to investigate. "We got a phone call and we have sent a team," the officer said. India's NDTV and CNN-IBN television channels said that three people were wounded.

2006-03-07 11:19:09

LUCKNOW, India (Reuters) - At least 15 people were killed and 60 wounded in three explosions in the north Indian Hindu pilgrimage city of Varanasi on Tuesday, police said. "Fifteen people have died and about 60 are injured. The blasts were pretty big, and I do not rule out a terrorist hand behind it," Navneet Sikera, senior superintendent of police for Varanasi, told Reuters.

2006-03-07 09:20:42

LUCKNOW, India (Reuters) - At least four people were killed and 17 wounded in explosions on Tuesday in the north Indian Hindu pilgrimage city of Varanasi, police said. "So far four people have died, 17 are hospitalized with injuries," V.N. Rai, inspector-general of police in Uttar Pradesh state, where Varanasi is located, told Reuters. "All entry points to the area have been sealed."

2006-03-03 10:19:00

By Tabassum Zakaria and Steve Holland NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush declared on Friday that the United States and India were "closer than ever before" and united in the drive against terrorism but said New Delhi needs to lower trade barriers. Bush wrapped up his first visit to India with a speech at New Delhi's 16th century Old Fort where he lauded the United States and India as two great democracies that must work together to support pro-democracy movements...

2006-03-01 11:32:18

By Krittivas Mukherjee MUMBAI, India (Reuters) - For eight years, Daya Nayak killed with impunity -- sometimes with his pistol but often with an AK-47 automatic rifle -- as he bumped off people suspected to be gangsters or involved in acts of terrorism in Mumbai. These days, the policeman just kills time. Once the poster boy of Mumbai's police force and eulogized by Bollywood filmmakers, Nayak helped to dramatically curb organized crime in India's financial capital, breaking the...

2006-01-03 08:30:51

BANGALORE (Reuters) - Indian police arrested a suspected Islamist militant in connection with last week's shooting at a prestigious science university in the technology hub of Bangalore, which killed a professor and wounded four other people. Police said on Tuesday they arrested the Muslim man in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh and brought him to Bangalore for questioning. "He is suspected to be a member of a militant group and involved in the shooting," a senior Bangalore...

2005-12-18 05:47:05

By Krittivas Mukherjee NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Forty-two homeless people were trampled to death on Sunday and 37 were injured in a stampede during the distribution of flood relief supplies at a shelter in southern India, officials and witnesses said. The early morning incident occurred in Chennai, formerly known as Madras, as thousands of people lined up for the relief supplies. "Over 5,000 people rushed in as the gates of the shelter opened, causing the stampede," S. Chandramohan,...

2005-12-16 02:21:02

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India's parliament was evacuated on Friday because of a bomb scare, witnesses said. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was moved to a secure government building nearby. "There are reports that there is a security threat," one member of parliament told Reuters. Both houses of parliament were sitting at the time. Sniffer dogs were called in to check the circular, red sandstone complex in the center of the city. "The speaker said to immediately vacate both houses of...

2005-10-29 18:51:55

By Palash Kumar NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Three powerful bombs tore through New Delhi markets packed with families and shoppers on Saturday ahead of the biggest Hindu and Muslim festivals of the year, killing at least 55 people and wounding more than 100. Charred bodies, blood, glass and smoking debris littered the blast scenes as rescuers frantically pulled out the dead and wounded while thousands of shocked survivors milled around trying to find out what had happened to missing...

2005-10-17 04:58:36

LUCKNOW (Reuters) - Indian authorities turned away trains from a northern town on Monday to prevent people from traveling there after clashes between Hindus and Muslims killed seven people and wounded 33. The violence in Mau, 282 km (175 miles) east of the Uttar Pradesh state capital, Lucknow, erupted on Friday after minority Muslims protested against a Hindu procession passing through their part of the town. The town was peaceful on Monday but authorities said they feared attacks...

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