Latest Governorates of Egypt Stories

2008-10-02 15:00:30

Parks and beaches opened its doors since early morning to welcome visitors and the good weather as well as moderate temperature help people to spend a nice time. Weather forecasters said that the weather would be ideal during the Eid where there will be a moderate temperature in all areas and the weather is moderate autumnally. On the meantime, good sea surface temperature will allow visitors to spend a nice time and practice swimming while sea waves will be one to two meters in the...

2008-07-20 03:00:25

By Golia, Maria Maria Golia reports from Cairo WHEN WINTER COMES to the northern lands, people steel themselves for long months of darkness, damp and bitter cold. The challenges of conducting one's business in the midst of irritating drizzle or pelting rain include sickness, depression and stiffheating bills. The sun's first springtime appearance is greeted with joyous relief and a great deal of disrobing in public parks, as vitamin-D deprived city-dwellers attempt to soak up the precious...

2005-09-05 20:27:20

BENI SUEF, Egypt (Reuters) - A candle fell over and set fire to a crowded theater in the Egyptian town of Beni Suef on Monday night, killing at least 29 people and injuring 38, officials and survivors said on Tuesday. The candle, a prop in the play Hamlet at an experimental theater festival in the town, set fire to carpeting and spread rapidly to the rest of the building, they said. Beni Suef is in the Nile valley, 100 km (60 miles) south of Cairo. Adel Hassan, the producer, said...

Word of the Day
  • In the phrase to out-herod Herod, to be more violent than Herod (as represented in the old mystery plays); hence, to exceed in any excess of evil.
Herod refers to 'Herod the Great,' a Roman client king and 'a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis.' According to the OED, the term is 'chiefly with allusion to Shakespeare's use' in Hamlet.