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2011-03-16 14:30:00

Twitter users are now able to choose whether or not they would prefer to log on to the site through a secure connection.

2011-01-15 08:10:00

Computer security firm Sophos released a warning this week that hackers are spreading a new damaging computer virus with a file that promises a PowerPoint presentation of sexual positions from the Kama Sutra.

2011-01-10 10:40:00

Rumors of Facebook's March 15th shutdown are not true.

2010-09-21 12:50:00

Twitter has fixed a flaw in its microblogging service site that allowed a malicious code to direct users to porn sites just by rolling over the message with their mouse.

2010-08-16 13:50:00

Facebook users are being tricked into a scam by accepting an application that allows them to install a "dislike" button.

2010-07-15 11:28:47

A report said Thursday that Europe has overtaken Asia as the biggest source of email spam around the globe, with Britain being a major culprit.

2010-06-04 05:55:00

Droves of Facebook users are falling prey to “clickjacking” attacks through links that appear to have been “liked” by their friends, web security labs are warning.

2010-05-25 10:30:00

On Tuesday, a major computer security firm urged Facebook to set up an early-warning system after hundreds of users were attacked by a new wave of fake sex video ploys.

2010-05-18 14:10:21

Sophos, a computer security company, warned Facebook users on Tuesday against clicking on a link claiming to be the "sexiest video ever" which is actually a trap designed to infect computers.

2010-04-28 15:23:05

According to a study by Google, fake anti-virus software that infects PCs with malicious codes are a growing threat.

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