Latest Graham County, Arizona Stories

2009-08-27 11:20:00

 With the casting today (Wed., Aug. 26) of a 6.5-meter mirror in Arizona, Mexican and American astronomers have taken the first step toward creation of a major new telescope that will survey infrared objects in the northern sky with unprecedented sensitivity.The new mirror is destined for the planned San Pedro Mártir Telescope, which would be built at the San Pedro Mártir Observatory in Baja California, Mexico.When completed in 2017, the telescope will begin the Synoptic...

2009-08-12 12:29:58

An international collaboration of astronomers from the United States and Mexico will gather at the University of Arizona Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory in Tucson on Aug. 26 to celebrate the casting of a 6.5-meter mirror they plan to use in a proposed infrared sky survey at one of the darkest sky sites in the world.Steward Observatory is casting the 6.5-meter (21.3-foot) "honeycomb" sandwich mirror for a future telescope planned for San Pedro Mártir Observatory in Baja California,...

2008-03-06 07:35:00

Astronomers hail first views with twin giant mirrors a milestone for science The Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham, Ariz., has taken celestial images using its twin side-by-side, 8.4-meter (27.6 foot) primary mirrors together, achieving first "binocular" light. U.S., Italian and German partners in the telescope, known as the LBT, are releasing the images today. First binocular light is a milestone not only for the LBT -- now the world's most powerful telescope -- but for...

2007-09-14 11:05:00

An international team of astronomers using the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona has discovered that the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy is shaped like a cigar. That makes it an oddball among millions of its peers. The Hercules Dwarf is a companion galaxy to our own Milky Way, but has only one ten-millionth as many stars. It was among several dwarf galaxies discovered earlier this year by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Now astronomers using the LBT have discovered that this tiny galaxy, which...

2006-10-28 09:00:48

By Tom Beal, ARIZONA DAILY STAR Most of the towering cottonwoods and creekside willows that make Aravaipa Canyon one of Arizona's most gorgeous wilderness hikes are gone. Downstream along Aravaipa Creek, residents are still cleaning up from a double dose of possibly record creek flows that scoured vegetation from the streambed of Aravaipa Creek and flooded homes and ranches at the mouth of its 11-mile wilderness canyon in July and August. Aravaipa Canyon, about 50 miles northeast of...

2005-10-26 11:43:04

Tucson, Arizona -- The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) partners in the United States, Italy and Germany announced today that they achieved "first light" on Oct. 12, 2005. These exceptional images were obtained with one of the telescope's two primary mirrors in place and are being released today on the World Wide Web, http://www.lbto.org. This milestone marks the dawn of a new era in observing the Universe as the LBT will peer deeper into space than ever before, and with ten times the clarity...

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