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Meet NASA's Hyperwall
2012-08-20 11:17:58

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online NASA showed up in style here at the 244th American Chemical Society's National Meeting & Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The space agency set up a booth in the ACS exhibition hall inside the Convention Center, featuring plenty of swag, as well as the NASA hyperwall. The hyperwall is a nine screen high-resolution display NASA brings into conferences to show off imagery its spacecraft have helped develop. At the ACS...

2012-08-18 23:02:49

Facebook pages will become more visible with a Chatwing chat box installed. Now, page visitors will be able to discuss certain topics and exchange opinions. This integration is possible with an application called Lujure. Nashville, TN (PRWEB) August 18, 2012 Lujure, an application that extends widgets to Facebook pages, can now be used by users to integrate the Chatwing chat box to Facebook pages. The Chatwing application is known for its easy usage mechanism, social media capability, and...

2012-08-16 21:39:55

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Patients being medicated for blood clots may soon have tiny robot space bugs to thank for one day getting a simple, home-use testing kit. Vladislav Djakov started building micro-electromechanical creatures 15 years ago that mimic the swarms of bugs found in nature. The bugs were equipped with a power supply, limited intelligence and monitoring systems, and were put in hard-to-reach places on the International Space Station. They...

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Computer Science (journal)
2012-06-04 15:46:07

Computer Science is a peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1999 and published quarterly by the AGH University of Science and Technology. It is edited by faculty members of the Departments of Computer Science and Automatics. As of June 2012, the editor-in-chief is Jacek Kitowski. The journal publishes articles covering all aspects of theoretical and applied computer science problems. The journal also often publishes special issues containing articles based on presentations at...

2010-09-13 11:21:26

In relation to computing, a mouse is a pointing device that operates by detecting two-dimensional motion that is relative to the surface that supports it. Typically a mouse is an object held under the user's hand. It may have one or more buttons or wheels which allow the user to perform operations or other features that provide more control or dimensional input. The mouse's motion generally translates into the motion of a cursor on a display. The first mouse prototype was invented in 1963...

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