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Grasshoppers Not Stopped By Noise Pollution
2012-11-14 12:13:09

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Males looking to find a mate are always trying to stand out, from peacocks´ colorful plumage to the slightly fictitious profiles on Match.com. According to a newly published report in the journal Functional Ecology, scientists at the University of Bielefeld in Germany have found that male grasshoppers also try to stand out by altering their mating song when surrounded by a noisy urban environment. "We found that grasshoppers...

2009-07-10 00:07:46

A woman with two cages full of grasshoppers was put off a bus in China because other passengers could not stand the large insects' serenade, the driver said. In the incident -- reported Monday in Wuhan, the capital of China's central Hubei province -- the bus driver had to listen not only to the grasshoppers' racket but also to the screams of passengers for allowing the village woman to board the vehicle, China Daily said. The driver's plea that there was no law against transporting...

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