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2009-05-06 08:00:00

NEW YORK, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Grayling, a leading integrated communications firm, today announced the opening of its new regional office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new office will further expand the Company's reach in Latin America and reinforce its longstanding commitment to the region. Elevating an already robust Latin American practice, the Sao Paulo office will help Grayling better serve both existing and future clients in the region by offering a complete range of domestic and...

2009-05-06 07:44:00

NEW YORK, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Grayling, one of the world's leading integrated communications firms, today announced a new strategic alliance in Israel with S.P.R. Communications (S.P.R.). This alliance supports Grayling's strategy to serve the Israeli market by offering a complete range of domestic as well as international support and counsel. S.P.R. Communications, led by Chairman and Founder Shlomo Peretz, is one of the leading communications consultancies in Israel, focused on the...

2009-03-27 10:57:00

As One of the World's Leading Integrated Communications Firms, Grayling Delivers an Expanded International Presence NEW YORK, March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, Grayling is celebrating the one year anniversary of its merger with New York headquartered Global Consulting Group. To commemorate this milestone and its expanded international presence, Grayling officially launched a newly-designed website, www.grayling.com, in one of New York City's most recognized landmarks, New York's Times...

2009-02-02 07:00:00

SHENYANG, China, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. (Nasdaq: APWR) ("A-Power" or "the Company"), a leading provider of distributed power generation systems in China and a fast growing manufacturer of wind turbines, today announced that it has retained Grayling to lead its strategic investor relations program and broaden the base of the Company's well-informed, long-term investors through targeted communications with the financial community and...

2008-07-16 09:00:44

The scenery was breathtaking, the fishing spectacular. And the people two Minnesota men encountered along their 7,000-mile, three-week trek in small floatplanes from Minnesota to Alaska and back were simply unforgettable. "The mountains, oceans and fishing was phenomenal, but I think the people is what we'll remember 20 or 30 years from now," said pilot Wolfgang Greiner, 52, of Bloomington. "We ran into open, generous people every day." Their itinerary would make an angler_or pilot_drool....

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Australian Grayling, Prototroctes maraena
2012-05-22 10:19:18

The Australian Grayling (Prototroctes maraena) is a freshwater fish found in coastal rivers in Tasmania and southeastern Australia. This fish has often been called the Cucumber Mullet or Cucumber Herring due to its cucumber-like odor. This fish is streamlined with a vaguely trout-like shape. It is silver on the flanks and dusky olive on the back, overlain with a golden shine. It can live 2 to 3 years and reach a length of roughly 7.9 inches. It has rarely been recorded up to 5 years of age...

2009-01-17 20:55:40

The Grayling (Thymallus thymallus) is a species of freshwater fish belonging to the salmon family Salmonidae. It is native to the Palearctic ecozone (belonging or pertaining to a geographical division comprising Europe, Africa north of the tropic of Cancer, the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula, and Asia north of the Himalayas), and is widespread throughout northern Europe, from the United Kingdom and France to the Ural Mountains in Russia. It was introduced to Morocco in 1948, however...

2005-06-14 11:52:08

The Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) is a species of freshwater fish in the salmon family (family Salmonidae) of order Salmoniformes. It comprises five subspecies, including the Arctic grayling proper (T. arcticus arcticus). It is native to the Nearctic (one of the eight terrestrial ecozones dividing the Earth's land surface) and Palearctic ecozones, T. arcticus arcticus being widespread throughout the Arctic and Pacific drainages in Canada, Alaska, and Siberia, as well as the upper...

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