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2013-06-20 23:04:18

idcloak´s new Rapid unblocker list allows censored web users in China to access blocked sites like Facebook and YouTube for free. Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) June 20, 2013 China´s 564 million internet user base now has access to banned sites such as YouTube and Facebook courtesy of idcloak Technology´s new Rapid Unblocker List — the most extensive list of live public proxies on the internet. The database allows users to route their internet to a country of their choice for...

2013-04-06 23:03:28

Recently many VPN users and providers have reported that VPN access has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China. VPNReviewz editors looked for the VPNs and methods that haven´t been blocked yet Undisclosed Location, South America (PRWEB) April 06, 2013 In China much of the internet content that the rest of the world enjoys is blocked from the internet. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and many (Western,) news sources, have been deemed either subversive, or...

2012-12-28 05:00:16

For years internet users in China have used VPN technology to skirt the highly restrictive censorship. And it was speculated that the communist government may be experimenting with new technologies to restrict even that. VPNReviewz reports that "upgrades" made to their system are blocking not just "dissidents and illegal content," but legitimate businesses from access, too. Undisclosed Location, South America (PRWEB) December 27, 2012 It´s no real secret that Chinese internet denizens...

2011-05-16 14:05:00

A Chinese government official was quoted by state media as saying on Monday that the number of Internet users in China hit 477 million at the end of March. The Xinhua news agency reported that the official from the Telecommunications Administration Bureau announced the figure at a meeting in Beijing. The number of people using the Internet in China hit 457 million at the end of 2010, which shows a third of its 1.3 billion population is online. China is already the world's largest...

2010-07-15 11:20:00

According to official figures released Thursday, China's Internet population has grown to 420 million. The figure marks an increase of 36 million since the number of users was last tested in 2009. The latest numbers were released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), a government-linked industry body, and reflect data gathered through the end of June. The report said that among the factors helping to drive the latest increase was a 31 percent jump in the number of...

2010-05-02 06:50:00

State media reported Saturday that the number of Internet users in China has surpassed 400 million and accounts for about a third of the country's population. The official Xinhua news agency said, citing the State Council Information Office, that the online population in the world's most populous nation has reached 404 million. That is compared to the 384 million users at the end of 2009. The report said that users who access the Internet with mobile phones was steady at 233 million...

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