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2010-01-06 12:57:00

Santa Barbara, California-based Cybersitter is suing the Chinese government for $2.2 billion after accusing the country of stealing its technology to block Internet access to political and religious sites in China, AFP reported. Two Chinese companies and seven PC manufacturers are also being sued for misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, copyright infringement and conspiracy in connection with the distribution of Green Dam Youth Escort. Cybersitter claims that the Chinese...

2009-07-02 10:20:00

Despite reports on Tuesday that China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology would delay its plans to mandate computer makers to bundle filtering software with all computers, officials say the initiative will carry on. "The government will definitely carry on the directive on Green Dam. It's just a matter of time," China Daily quoted an unnamed source. On Tuesday, Chinese newspaper Xinhua reported that the ministry would delay the initiative less than one day before it was...

2009-06-30 10:20:00

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Tuesday announced that it would back away from previous plans to force computer makers to bundle filtering software with all computers. The announcement came less than one day before the ministry was expected to launch the new initiative that would mandate the installation of the Green Dam Youth Escort software on all computers. China intended to impose the new mandate in order to protect its citizens from offensive material,...

2009-06-25 09:31:59

Google services in some parts of China have been interrupted as the search engine giant is accused of proliferating vulgar content in its Web searches by China's Foreign Ministry. This is raising the controversial issue of censorship among Chinese citizens. In a statement to AFP Google China said, "We understand that many users could not access Google.com in mainland China, along with linked services, such as Google Docs and Gmail, during the last 24 hours." Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman...

2009-06-25 05:48:45

Prominent US trade executives announced they have submitted a request to the Chinese government pushing for the relinquishment of a new rule demanding all computers be installed with Internet filtering software, the AFP reported. China may be breaking the established terms of agreement with the World Trade Organization by making it mandatory for all computers within its borders to operate with the "Green Dam" program, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said....

2009-06-23 08:38:00

Government-Mandated Software Raises Censorship, Security & Choice Concerns ATLANTA, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- InternetSafety.com today criticized the Chinese government's decision to mandate the installation of Green Dam filtering software on every PC starting July 1, citing censorship and security concerns as well as the unprecedented attempt to force nationwide adoption of a single software product to control children's Internet use. In contrast, InternetSafety.com has participated in...

2009-06-13 11:09:02

A software company in California has alleged that stolen programming code is being used in Internet-filtering software which China has mandated for all new personal computers, The Associated Press reported. The "Green Dam-Youth Escort" filtering software that must be packaged with all computers sold in China from July 1 supposedly contains parts of similar software designed by Solid Oak Software of Santa Barbara, the company said Friday. Brian Milburn, Solid Oak's founder, said he plans to...

2009-06-11 12:30:00

Starting next month, the Chinese government will be requiring that the Green Dam Youth Escort filtering software be installed on all computers. Many citizens have been outspoken in their criticism of the government mandate. China says the software is being implemented in order to filter out violent and pornographic material from the Web. Chinese state media has launched a series of reports aimed at bolstering the new screening software. According to the Associated Press, state...

2009-06-08 14:25:00

The Chinese Government is mandating that all personal computers sold within the country include software that blocks pornographic web sites and other sites it deems objectionable.  Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co., which was awarded a government contract to develop the "Green Dam-Youth Escort" filtering software, said Monday that the software would give parents additional oversight by preventing online access to sites with pornographic images or language. The company is...

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