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2008-12-10 11:13:00

Farmed Seafood Standards Help Whole Foods Market to Stay on Top AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFMI) has again been named the nation's number one retailer in seafood sustainability by Greenpeace.

2008-12-09 13:29:58

Greenpeace on Tuesday started a campaign to change Japanese domestic opinion against whaling.

2008-12-02 13:30:00

On Tuesday, actress Daryl Hannah joined anti-whaling activists to protest Japan's Antarctic whaling fleet.

2008-11-17 11:32:50

The Nisshin Maru, Japan’s main whaling ship, reportedly left harbor on Monday heading for the Antarctic on its first hunt since April when it was confronted by anti-whaling activists.

2008-11-07 12:00:19

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Sungevity announced today that it was honored as one of six companies invited to present at Web 2.0 Summit's Launch Pad event.

2008-10-27 12:40:00

Fossil fuels could be eliminated by 2090 if the world community took aggressive action by investing trillions of dollars on renewable energy, according to the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) and environmental group Greenpeace on Monday.

2008-10-09 06:00:35

By Anthony Harrington THE argument that nuclear should be part of any low- carbon solution to the UK's power requirements has been put forcefully by Westminster and, unsurprisingly, by the nuclear lobby.

2008-10-07 21:00:23

By EHUD ZION WALDOKS What do environmentalists talk about on the bus during a mission to Israel? Shades of gray - whether lobbyists for companies are really the devil's spawn, or just people doing their job.

2008-09-26 16:05:00

A key commitment in a drafted climate change plan states the Brazilian government has pledged to end net deforestation by 2015

2008-09-26 12:00:21

Fishermen and environmental leaders in Scotland called for the European Union to change a policy that has $74 million in cod discarded every year.

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