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2005-11-10 07:25:00

MANILA (Reuters) - Security personnel at a coal-fired power plant in the northern Philippines broke up a Greenpeace protest with clubs and stones, injuring four activists, the environmental group said on Thursday. Police detained a dozen other activists, charging them with "illegal trespassing" for forcing their way into the plant compound during a climate change protest in Masinloc town, about 150 km (95 miles) northwest of Manila. A local court freed them without bail after nearly 8 hours...

2005-10-28 09:48:19

By David Lewis KINSHASA (Reuters) - The world's second largest rainforest stands a greater chance of being protected after Congo's president finally backed a largely ignored ban on new logging, conservation group Greenpeace said on Friday. Democratic Republic of Congo's government imposed a ban in 2002 on the allocation of new logging concessions to prevent rampant deforestation in the vast, central African country but the moratorium has since been widely flouted. President Joseph...

2005-10-17 09:04:40

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Top Finnish lawyer and human rights campaigner Matti Wuori, who was chairman of Greenpeace in the 1990s and advised South Africa's truth commission, has died. Wuori died in Helsinki on Saturday of lung cancer, aged 60, his office said. He was a member of the European Parliament's green group for five years from 1999 and combined serving as an MEP with campaigning for greater democracy in the EU. A prominent environmental activist, Wuori was chairman of...

2005-08-27 09:02:52

BRASILIA, Brazil -- The destruction of the Amazon rain forest has slowed dramatically this year, the government said, but environmentalists said it was too soon to celebrate and urged caution with the statistics. Preliminary data indicate that 3,551 square miles of rain forest was destroyed between August 2004 and July 2005, the Environment Ministry said Friday. The figure was half the area the ministry initially said was razed the previous year - a total that was later revised upward to...

2005-07-25 14:40:00

OTTAWA -- Greenpeace issued a fresh call on Monday to stop the practice of bottom-trawling, saying the international organizations that manage fish stocks were doing nothing to stop the destruction of ocean beds. The conservation group says trawlers hunting for fish such as the orange roughy let their nets drag along the seabed at depths of up to 2 km (1.2 miles), destroying everything in their wake. "We have documented an enormous range of the deep sea life that's coming up in these nets,...

2005-07-21 07:20:01

By Lorraine Orlandi PETATLAN, Mexico (Reuters) - Reyna Mojica saw her two boys shot to death just weeks ago, an attack she traces to a vendetta she says began in 1998 when her family helped block hundreds of logging trucks in Mexico's Sierra Madre. They call themselves the Peasant Ecologists of the Petatlan Sierra and their fight to save a swath of forest near the Pacific coast is among the world's most important struggles against deforestation, Greenpeace says. The peasants have largely...

2005-07-09 11:07:55

PARIS (Reuters) - The sabotage of the Greenpeace flagship the Rainbow Warrior 20 years ago was carried out with the "personal authorization" of France's late president Francois Mitterrand, documents showed on Saturday. Le Monde newspaper published extracts in its Saturday edition of a 1986 account written by Pierre Lacoste, the former head of France's DGSE foreign intelligence service, giving the clearest demonstration yet of Mitterrand's direct involvement in the sinking of the campaign...

2005-07-05 16:06:46

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain, where millions of holidaymakerswill flock this summer, is destroying its coastline byoverbuilding, environmental group Greenpeace said on Tuesday. Spain had taken no steps to stop the deterioration of itscoastline in recent years and done little to upgrade sanitationinfrastructure and water treatment on the coast to keep up withdevelopment needs, Greenpeace said. "Although the awareness of these problems has progressed,we note ... solutions have not been applied...

2005-05-28 09:25:00

UNITED NATIONS -- Despite alarming global deforestation rates, estimated at approximately 9.4 million hectares per year, a UN conference on forest preservation ended with the conference chairman calling the event a "failure." "At the end, we didn't agree," said Colombian chairman Manuel Rodriguez Becerra. "It's a collective failure.... We were not able to agree in making decisions that are relevant for addressing the huge deforestation, the huge degradation of forests." The final resolution...

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