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2012-05-11 23:00:13

American Grippers Inc is proud to participate in collaborative opportunities when they have the potential to lead to innovation and the advancement of robotics technologies and is committed to advancing tomorrow´s leaders in robotics and manufacturing. AGI supported a Worcester Polytechnic Institute student´s efforts to integrate a pneumatic gripper into a Haas machining center - resulting in reduced labor costs and the increased flexibility of a CNC machining center. Trumbull, CT...

Robot Hand Capable Of Grasping, Throwing Objects
2012-02-16 13:41:50

[ Watch the Video ] Cornell University and University of Chicago engineers have developed a robotic hand that is capable of gripping objects and throwing them. The robot hand features a "universal jamming gripper" that can quickly harden by evacuating air inside the membrane, like vacuum-packing. If the gripper is placed over an object, such as a dart or coin, the hand tightly grasps it as the air is release.  Air is then pumped back into the hand, which loosens the robot's grip...

2011-09-19 22:15:58

Up to now, aircraft have been put together in huge assembly cells, but to build the necessary facilities is expensive and time-consuming. That is why Fraunhofer researchers have come up with a flexible assembly-line concept that features robots working in the same way they do in automotive production. The developers are presenting their new manufacturing approach at the Composites Europe trade fair in Stuttgart in Hall 4, Booth D03. One of this future assembly line´s first elements can...

2010-10-26 14:01:56

The human hand is an amazing machine that can pick up, move and place objects easily, but for a robot, this "gripping" mechanism is a vexing challenge. Opting for simple elegance, researchers from Cornell University, University of Chicago and iRobot have bypassed traditional designs based around the human hand and fingers, and created a versatile gripper using everyday ground coffee and a latex party balloon. They call it a universal gripper, as it conforms to the object it's grabbing rather...

2009-11-16 10:43:00

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- HoldUp Suspender Company, the company that invented the No-Slip(R) Suspender Clip, announces No Buzz(TM), a new line of airport-friendly Suspenders. No Buzz(TM) suspenders are specifically designed for suspender-wearers to be able to walk through security gates and not set off any airport security alarms. These first-ever suspenders are built with plastic clasps and adjusters to hold onto any type of material. They have a patent-pending plastic...

2009-11-10 11:42:00

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- HoldUp Suspender Company, the company that invented the No-Slip® Suspender Clip, announces Ski-Ups(TM), a new line of patented HoldUp Suspenders created specifically for skiers and snowboarders. Ski-Ups(TM) are designed to hold onto delicate fabrics such as Gore-Tex®, without damaging or tearing non woven materials. They have a patent-pending plastic Gripper Clasp(TM) that ensures the suspenders will never slip...

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