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Want To Reverse The Effects Of Aging On The Brain? Look To The Noble Bee
2012-07-04 08:40:36

It’s often been said that children expedite the aging process. At least, that’s what my parents always told me growing up. However, scientists have found that taking care of children could actually reverse aging and slow the rate of age-related dementia.

Bees Have A Sweet Tooth Too
2012-07-01 10:00:42

According to scientists at Arizona State University, honey bees may hold clues to human taste perception and metabolic disorders.

Image 1 - Diet Key To Becoming A Queen Bee
2011-11-10 13:30:47

A honey bee becomes a royal queen or a common worker as a result of the food she receives as a larva. While it has been well established that royal jelly is the diet that makes bees queens, the molecular path from food to queen is still in dispute.

2006-01-07 08:45:00

One of the puzzling questions in the evolution of bees is how some species developed social behaviors. Arizona State University Life Sciences associate professor Gro Amdam thinks part of the answer can be traced back to bee reproductive traits.

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