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2010-10-03 12:50:00

According to a study published on Friday, tennis players who grunt loudly when hitting a ball appear to have a competitive edge over their opponents. Canadian and American researchers said that the noise accompanying a hard shot makes an opponent slower to respond and more likely to misjudge exactly where the ball is, which makes it tougher to hit it back. "Conservatively, our findings suggest that a tennis ball traveling 50 miles per hour could appear 24 inches 2 feet closer to the...

2009-06-14 18:20:16

International tennis officials are considering whether to make unseemly on-court grunting an offense serious enough to warrant match-altering penalties. The Sunday Times of London reported that some say persistent grunters are hurting the sport. Already, officials can award a point against grunting players if they are deemed to have hindered an opponent. Now the International Tennis Federation is considering whether to make noise hindrance part of its code of conduct. If the federation moves...

2008-07-22 09:00:35

Q: How should we handle the noises (moaning, angry grunting), the gestures (eye rolling, swinging an arm in the air) and the posturing (door slamming, loud stomping) that ensue so often around here lately when we reprimand our 6-year-old twin boys? It can sometimes get a bit out of hand, especially the door slamming. And aren't all these gestures and motions an outward sign of disrespect? A: To take your second question first, it's arguable whether the moaning, eye rolling, and door...

2005-12-30 13:36:37

LONDON (Reuters) - Coaching guru Nick Bollettieri believes Martina Hingis could struggle on her return to the tennis tour after a three-year absence. The Swiss former world number one, who retired in 2002 after nagging foot and ankle problems, makes her comeback at the Gold Coast event next week and has been handed an entry into the Australian Open. Bollettieri, who briefly coached Hingis in 1998, believes the game has moved on while she has been away. "I've sent her an email to...

2005-12-13 19:49:46

By Larry Fine NEW YORK (Reuters) - One of the more interested observers of the return of former world number one Martina Hingis is nine-times grand slam winner Monica Seles, who has left the door open for a comeback of her own. "Right now I think I'm in the decision stage of which way I'm going to go," said Seles, 32, in an interview on Tuesday after being introduced to reporters as the newest member of the Laureus World Sports Academy. Seles, who dominated the women's game in the...

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