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Highland Guan, Penelopina nigra
2012-03-22 21:37:56

The Highland Guan (Penelopina nigra) is a species of bird in the Cracidae family. It is found in the highlands of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, southern Mexico, and Nicaragua. Its habitat includes subtropical or tropical moist mountain forests. Populations of this species have declined in recent times. It was originally listed as a species of Least Concern in 1994, but then up-listed to Near Threatened in 2000. After studies confirmed the Highland Quail was less common than previously...

Trinidad Piping Guan, Aburria pipile
2012-03-22 19:39:23

The Trinidad Piping-guan, Aburria pipile (sometimes called Pipile pipile), is a species of bird in the chachalaca, guan and curassow family Cracidae. This bird is found only on Trinidad and is close to extinction. It evolved in mainland South America and was at some point driven to its Trinidad habitat in more recent times -- since after the last ice age. This is a large bird, nearly 24 inches in length. It is similar in general appearance to a turkey, with a thin neck and small head. It...

2008-12-18 20:29:31

The Wattled Curassow (Crax globulosa), is a bird in the Cracidae family (curassows, guans, chachalacas). It is found rarely in the wild and is vulnerable due to hunting and habitat destruction. Its natural range is the western and southwestern Amazon Basin. Populations are scattered at best and birds occur in northern Peru, eastern Ecuador, extreme southern Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil. It is the most ancient species of the southern Crax curassows. Its origins date back to the Late Miocene...

2008-11-29 21:21:08

The Bare-faced Curassow (Crax fasciolata), is a species of bird found in eastern-central and southern Brazil, Paraguay, and eastern Bolivia, and extreme northeast Argentina. It is also found in the southeastern region of the Amazon Basin. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. The Bare-footed Curassow is a species of bird in the Cracidae family of chachalacas, guans, and curassows. Photo Copyright and Credit

2008-11-25 22:50:46

The Northern Helmeted Curassow (Pauxi pauxi), is a species of bird in the Cracidae family of chachalacas, guans, and curassows. It is found in the eastern Andes of Venezuela and Colombia. It is listed on Appendix II of CITES, and was formerly listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Recent research has shown, however, that numbers of this species is decreasing more and more rapidly. It was upgraded to Endangered in 2008. It is a large (up to 36 inches long) terrestrial black bird with a...

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