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2008-10-10 18:00:35

Daily doses of ginkgo tree-leaf extract can prevent or reduce brain damage caused by a stroke, U.S. researchers said in a medical journal Friday. The Johns Hopkins University researchers said in the journal Stroke that their work supported other evidence that ginkgo biloba triggers a cascade of events that neutralizes free radicals known to cause cell death. "Our results suggest that some element or elements in ginkgo actually protect brain cells during stroke," lead researcher and...

2008-10-10 12:55:00

Scientists reported on Thursday a new study that shows daily doses of ginkgo extract could help reduce brain damage caused by a stroke. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore gave mice daily doses of ginkgo biloba extract before having a stroke induced in the laboratory. Brain damage in these mice was cut almost in half compared to animals that did not receive the extract. Mice who did not get ginkgo before a stroke but were given it five minutes after a stroke sustained...

2008-06-18 00:00:05

Thousands of Britons with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia are wasting their time taking a popular herbal remedy, research has shown. A study found that ginkgo biloba had no significant impact on mental function or quality of life, and did not prevent worsening dementia symptoms. More than one in 10 people with dementia take the Chinese remedy, made from extracts of leaves of the ginkgo tree. Its main benefits are said to be improving memory and concentration. But the...

2008-06-17 15:01:05

British research shows ginkgo biloba extraction does not treat dementia LONDON, June 16 (Xinhua) -- A herbal extract from the ginkgo biloba tree used by an estimated 10 percent of people with dementia is not an effective treatment for the disease, according to a British study published on Monday. Ginkgo biloba is commonly marketed as an aid to memory and some studies have reported benefits. But a six-month trial of 176 people with mild to moderate dementia found no difference between...

2005-11-10 10:20:00

By Megan Rauscher NEW YORK -- Studies conducted in women and in the laboratory strongly suggest that the herbal supplement Ginkgo biloba may help lower the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in women and the second most commonly diagnosed gynecologic cancer. Herbal supplements such as Ginkgo have generated interest for their potential preventive effects, but there is a "lack of scientific evidence" to support their use for this...

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