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Facebook Says It Has Stopped Most Of The Pornographic Spam
2011-11-16 12:05:29

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it has stopped most of the spam that has found its way onto the social network. The company urged its users to remain vigilant to keep their accounts from being hijacked by spammers. The latest statement comes after many users have complained about pornographic and violent images being posted on the social network. Internet security firm Sophos said on Monday that the images have "flooded" the social network over the past 24 hours. Some reports...

2011-08-23 14:29:08

  Long-time hackers have few kind words for their immature brethren and simplified automated DDoS attacks -- “script kiddies”, they can be imagined to mutter. However one UK hacker, going by the handle “s0lar” has launched a new website aimed at separating the men from the boys, reports The Telegraph. About 700 hackers have joined the website RankMyHack to note their exploits, compare notes and to earn online credibility. Site members must submit evidence...

2011-08-11 09:55:00

Anonymous members went to pains this week to distance themselves from threatening a cyber attack against Facebook that is reportedly supposed to take place on Guy Fawkes Night in November. The proposed attack, dubbed "ËœOperation Facebook' by the elusive hacker group, was also decried by yet other members of the same collective who spoke out against the proposed attack. It seems that being a disorganized and elusive group can lend itself to mixed signals being broadcast. A lack of...

2011-08-10 10:30:00

A Twitter message claiming to be from the shadowy Web hacker group Anonymous says the group is planning to destroy Facebook on November 5th, charging that Facebook has been providing information to governments as well as describing it as "the opposite of the Antisec cause." "Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world," says the hacktivists in an associated...

2011-07-28 04:45:00

A 19-year-old British man was arrested on Wednesday in Scotland as part of an investigation into the hacking groups Anonymous and LulzSec. The man, who authorities believe used the online nickname "ËœTopiary', is suspected of being a prominent player in a number of cyber attacks by the two hacking collectives. The groups have claimed responsibility for breaking into the networks of the CIA, Sony and many other private and public websites. Scotland Yard's cybercrime unit made the...

2011-07-22 10:35:00

Hacking group LulzSec claims to have 4 gigabytes worth of emails taken from an alleged hack on servers at News Corp., but said it won't make them public for fear of jeopardizing ongoing legal actions. The hacktivists said they abandoned plans to release the emails, but will instead plan to release select batches of the emails via a "partnership" with select media outlets, an approach similar to that applied by WikiLeaks to its controversial US diplomatic cables and war document releases last...

2011-07-18 11:35:00

Hacktivist group Anonymous announced plans for a new social network after the group's Google+ accounts were shut down. The group said its AnonPlus service will be free "of fear...of censorship...of blackout" and "for all people not just Anonymous." The project was announced over the weekend after several pseudonymous Google+ accounts supporting Anonymous were shut down. "As some of you know we got banned from Google+ due to some of our content," said YourAnonNews, one of the affected...

2011-06-29 05:15:00

MasterCard confirmed on Tuesday that its website had been forced offline by a cyber attack, according to a report by The Telegraph. A Twitter user known as "Ibom Hacktivist" was the first to announce the attack and seemed to take credit for it. He said he was a member of hacking group Anonymous and said that MasterCard was targeted because of its withdrawal of financial services to the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks. "MasterCard.com DOWN!!!, thats what you get when you mess with @wikileaks...

2011-06-16 12:00:00

John Neumann for RedOrbit.comThe Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is not laughing but someone is. The hacker group LulzSec is still busy breaking into highly public sites, defacing pages and causing general mayhem, Reuters is reporting. Lulz Security (LulzSec) is claiming responsibility for recent attacks on the US Senate, Sony Corp., News Corp. and the US Public Broadcasting System television network. The public website for the CIA appears to be the latest target. It initially could not be...

2011-06-15 13:16:34

Lulz Security (LulzSec), a hacker group, recently opened a telephone request line so fans can suggest potential targets. It claims to have launched denial of service attacks (DDoS) on several websites as a result. The unspecified hacks formed part of a wave of security breaches the group called Titanic Takeover Tuesday. In recent months, LulzSec has attacked Sony, Nintendo and several U.S. broadcasters. The group publicized the telephone hotline on its Twitter feed. An individual calling...

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