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2009-06-24 15:35:00

Investigators at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Oakland, California found a way to obtain large numbers of hematopoietic stem cell from human term placenta.

2009-06-05 14:22:00

Stem Cell Technologies for Surgery TEXARKANA, Texas, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- A new breakthrough in adult stem cell technology has three Texarkana neurosurgeons leading their industry by utilizing concentrated stem cells for spine surgery.

2009-05-13 15:06:51

Blood stem cells literally go with the flow, according to a new report published as an immediate early publication in the journal Cell, a Cell Press journal, on May 13th.

2009-04-09 15:39:05

U.S.-led scientists say they have identified a gene that can protect against leukemia and other blood cancers, possibly paving the way for new therapies. The University of California-San Francisco researchers said they discovered the JunB gene controls the rapid production and differentiation of stem cells that produce all blood cell types.

2009-04-01 08:25:58

For the first time, scientists have shown that amniotic fluid (the protective liquid surrounding an embryo) may be a potential new source of stem cells for therapeutic applications.

2009-02-11 11:27:28

Using a mouse model of human leukemia, researchers have unlocked more information about the genetic factors related to the generation and maintenance of leukemia stem cells.

2009-02-06 08:32:53

Stem cells of any kind are defined by their eternal nature, reproducing themselves and providing a pool of cells from which more differentiated tissues arise.

2009-01-05 08:22:59

A type of stem cell responsible for all blood and immune system cells reproduces much more slowly than expected.

2008-12-16 09:53:12

 Using stem cell lines not typically combined, researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have designed a new way to "grow" bone and other tissues.The inability to foster angiogenesis "“ a physiological process involving the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels "“ has been a major roadblock in tissue regeneration. Previous approaches have included the use of angiogenic growth factors and the fabrication of artificial blood vessels. However, there are...

2008-12-05 16:19:57

Investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have found a subpopulation of hematopoietic stem cells, the source of all blood and immune system cells, that reproduce much more slowly than previously anticipated. Use of these cells may improve the outcome of stem cell transplants "“ also called bone marrow transplants "“ for the treatment of leukemia and other marrow-based diseases. The report will appear in the journal Nature Biotechnology and is being released online to...

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2013-03-04 12:56:08

The thymus gland is an endocrine organ of the immune system located anteriolateral to the trachea and in between the lungs. Its primary function is to build T lymphocytes for the body’s immune system; therefore, it is most important during childhood and puberty, when it reaches its maximum size. After puberty, it will begin to atrophy and shrink in size. Old age generally brings about hypotrophy of the thymus. In children the thymus is grayish-pink in color and in adults it is yellow. On...

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