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2008-09-14 18:00:23

Twenty-two U.S. children died last year after contracting a rare form of pneumonia that destroys the lungs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. CDC epidemiologist Jeffrey C.

2008-07-17 06:00:00

Staphylococcus aureus bacteria have become a key concern in both the hospital and community setting. The spread of resistant strains, such as MRSA, underlines the urgent need for new strategies to treat and prevent these infections.

2008-06-28 00:00:11

ATLANTA - A federal advisory panel on Thursday endorsed two new combination vaccines designed to reduce the number of needle sticks that young children must endure to get the recommended immunizations. The panel gave its nod to a four-in-one shot made by GlaxoSmithKline.

2008-06-14 03:00:00

By Scott, J Anthony G Any reflection on history, even as recent as the past 20 years, invites a humble re-evaluation of the myth of human progress. In public health, progress has been made; certainly the number of children who die each year has declined progressively.

2008-03-10 10:20:00

Nearly 100 percent drop in Hib meningitis as a result of widespread vaccination

2007-06-11 12:00:40

Although on the market in various countries, the US launch of Pentacel is proving to be a problematic process for Sanofi-Pasteur. The drug is already likely to be hindered by failing to match US vaccination recommendations, unlike competing products such as GSK's Pediarix.

2005-08-09 15:45:00

The numerous childhood vaccines administered today do not increase the risk of kids being hospitalized with infections that are not covered by the shots, a population-based study suggests.

2005-07-24 01:37:49

Millions of bacteria live within the recesses of our noses and upper respiratory tracts, waiting for a chance to infiltrate and infect. But long before these bacteria break through our immune defenses, they must first compete against other bacterial species to colonize the mucus-lined surfaces of our noses.

2005-06-27 10:00:01

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Vaccinating infants against five diseases in one shot works just as well as separate injections, with no higher rate of side effects, Italian investigators report.

2005-06-20 18:15:00

Children who suffer frequent ear infections -- otitis media -- often harbor high numbers of the bacteria that cause the infections, and a low number of organisms that inhibit growth of the disease-causing bugs, a small study indicates.

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2011-04-28 14:27:08

Streptococcus pneumoniae, or pneumococcus, is Gram-positive, alpha-hemolytic, bile-soluble aerotolerant, anaerobic member of the genus Streptococcus. It was recognized as a major cause of pneumonia in the late 19th century and is thus the subject of many humoral immunity studies. It causes many other types of pneumococcal infections other than pneumonia including acute sinusitis, otitis media, meningitis, bacteremia, sepsis, septic arthritis, peritonitis, cellulites, and brain abscess. It...

2011-04-15 15:26:30

Haemophilus influenzae is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium first described in 1892 by Richard Pfeiffer during an influenza pandemic. It is generally aerobic but can grow as a facultative anaerobe. H. influenzae was mistakenly considered to be the cause of influenza until 1933 when the flu virology became apparent. It was the first free-living organism to have its entire genome sequenced. The project was completed and published in 1995. Two major categories were defined: the...

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