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2013-08-28 23:29:53

Betahaus, the innovative co-working organization in Hamburg designs an event around the iGab Messenger app. Hamburg (PRWEB) August 28, 2013 Betahaus, an organization that offers flexible co-working solutions in Hamburg, first opened its doors on 1 July 2010. Since then, it has become not only a place where freelancers, start-ups, students and professors come to exchange ideas, but also a forum for creativity, innovation and networking. Aside from offering flexible workspace to be rented...

2013-07-30 23:28:28

Co-founders of the iGab ios app in iTunes were thrilled to be invited to the closing ceremonies of the App Summer Camp in Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany (PRWEB) July 30, 2013 GoGekko, a woman-owned mobile app, iGab, development company, attended the closing ceremonies of the App summer Camp in Hamburg. The camp is focused for girls between the ages 14 and 18 and is designed to generate interest in technology and to teach them to program their own apps. The camp was sponsored by IBM in...

2013-07-25 23:21:58

International utilities, developers, ECP contractors and manufacturers involved in the development of offshore wind parks will meet in Hamburg later this year to discuss how to improve existing strategies and utilize the latest technology to bring down costs in their next projects, despite uncertainty in the market. London (PRWEB) July 25, 2013 Germany has put forward plans to scale back support for Offshore Wind which includes a reduction to the current feed-in tariff [FIT]. Under the...

2013-06-28 23:26:07

Funds will be used to develop an Android version of iGab in addition to a global marketing program and other development objectives. HAMBURG, Germany (June 28, 2013) (PRWEB) June 28, 2013 GoGekko, a woman-owned mobile app development company, announced today its campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the iGab 3D voice messenger mobile app. The funds will be used to develop an Android version of iGab in addition to a global marketing program and other development objectives. Released on...

2013-06-12 23:22:06

The iGab messenger app for iPhone was thrilled at the opportunity to present itself to the Hamburg tech community. Hamburg, Germany (PRWEB) June 12, 2013 6 June 2013 marked the 12th annual Gadget Night in Hamburg, Germany. GadgetNnight is an event sponsored by a Hamburg@work and is a forum to promote local businesses from the region. As can be seen on their Facebook page. This year, the iGab messenger app was one of nine start-up apps selected to present themselves at this event. Attendees...

2013-06-11 23:03:45

Smaato Co-Founder and EVP to oversee local and international chapter expansion for Women in Wireless. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2013 The international organization promoting and developing female leaders in mobile and digital media, Women In Wireless, has appointed Petra Vorsteher, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President at Smaato, to the Global Leadership Board as Co-Chair overseeing their local and international chapter expansions. Petra is a pioneer in the mobile industry, and...

2013-05-31 23:27:03

iGab messenger has started a new campaign on its Facebook fan page. Hamburg (PRWEB) May 31, 2013 The iGab messenger app, which was launched in iTunes in March, has had an ever-growing fan base. Now iGab is giving away iGab promo codes to new fans on their Facebook page. “Since the iGab app is based on communication, we have decided to communicate our thanks to loyal users who like and share our page” Stated Kathryn Hagedorn. There are ever so many marketing tools on the market...

2013-05-30 23:00:42

Pipette.com, world leader in pipette distribution, has increased their inventory of Eppendorf plastic consumable products. This reinforced partnership will allow Pipette.com to continue delivering quality liquid-handling products to the life science community. San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2013 Already a central hub for pipettes from major brand names around the world, Pipette.com is now stocked with an extensive inventory of Eppendorf products, including Eppendorf Microcentrifuge Tubes,...

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Hamburg chicken
2014-07-15 06:37:47

The Hamburg chicken is a breed of chicken that was developed in Germany and Holland sometime before the eighteenth century. This breed is considered to be rare, with less than one thousand individuals being registered in North America per year. Its weight varies depending upon the type and sex, with standard type cocks weighing about five pounds and hens weighing four pounds, while the bantam type of this breed weighs about one and half pounds. It can come in ten color varieties including...

2014-07-02 08:51:02

The Sebright is a breed of true bantam chicken that was developed by Sir John Saunders Sebright in the United Kingdom. He wanted to develop a laced bantam chicken that would be similar to the Polish chicken. It is thought that he used a base of rosecomb chickens to breed with British chickens, Polish chickens, Hamburgh chickens, and Nankin chickens. The breed was established in 1801, after which time the first association for a chicken breed was formed, known as the The Sebright Bantam Club,...

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