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2014-02-07 12:55:29

Viruses mutate fast, which means they can quickly become resistant to anti-viral drugs. But viruses also depend on proteins and nutrients provided by their hosts, and therefore one strategy to identify new anti-viral drugs is to identify and target such host-cell components. A paper published on February 6th in PLOS Pathogens reports that proteins involved in the regulation of cholesterol are essential for hantavirus entry into human host cells. There are only about 30 known human cases of...

Norovirus Cases On The Rise In Yellowstone National Park
2013-06-20 08:11:18

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted in a January weekly report that norovirus had taken a stronghold in the US, with numbers of cases rising. The virus, which is associated with flu-like symptoms and causes uncontrollable vomiting, has in fact been showing its ugly face in schools, on cruise ships and around other public places in recent months. Now, a new report from the National Park Service has...

2013-05-09 23:02:42

Chino Hills mother who contracted hantavirus in Yosemite Valley seeks compensation for her injuries from the Delaware North Company, the management firm responsible for maintaining the park's hospitality services. Court documents filed by her personal injury attorneys with Mariposa Superior Court allege that the company was previously warned of dangerous conditions that could lead to an outbreak, but did nothing to prevent it. Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2013 According to court...

Yosemite Workers Could Yield Clues Into 2012 Deadly Hantavirus Outbreak
2012-10-17 13:40:06

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online As many as 2,500 Yosemite National Park employees will be interviewed and have their blood drawn as health experts continue to search for clues as to what caused this summer´s deadly hantavirus outbreak. The Yosemite hantavirus outbreak, the biggest to strike the US in nearly two decades, has taken the lives of three people and has infected at least six others who have visited the park since early this summer. The initial...

Expert Warns People Cleaning Camps, Cabins This Fall To Take Precautions Against Possible Hantavirus
2012-10-10 09:57:51

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The hunting season is upon us and that means thousands of people will be heading into the woods to deer camps and cabins for their yearly ritual. And for those who will be cleaning out and camping at these cabins, precautions should be taken to avoid a possible viral infection similar to one that has plagued California´s Yosemite National Park this summer. The warning comes from David Wolfgang, director of Veterinary and...

Hantavirus Alerts Increased To Nearly A Quarter Million People After 9th Case Confirmed
2012-09-14 11:03:40

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Yosemite National Park officials expanded its public health warning of a hantavirus risk to include more than 230,000 people who visited the California nature reserve since June. The increased alert came after a 9th person was confirmed to have the deadly virus on Thursday. John Quinley, a spokesman for the National Park Service (NPS), said the ninth victim was from California and stayed in the park in July. Quinley noted that the...

Yosemite Hantavirus Surrounded In Mystery, Deer Mice Population Increase May Be Key
2012-09-13 07:31:12

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Doctors and health officials working to find why a hantavirus outbreak at Yosemite National Park this summer has been so severe, have struggled to come up with a “good explanation,” according to an epidemiologist with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “For Yosemite, why this year of all years is there an increased number of cases?” pondered CDC´s Barbara Knust. Nearly 20 years...

House Quarantined After Woman Contracts Hantavirus Cleaning For Reality TV Show
2012-09-10 15:33:37

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A woman cleaning a house in Houston, Texas was admitted to an area hospital for treatment and observation after showing signs of an upper respiratory infection that officials are calling possible hantavirus. The woman had been cleaning the house for a future episode of TLC´s popular reality show “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” The house in the Woodlands area of Houston is under quarantine, and has been since Friday. A...

Yosemite-Linked Hantavirus Continues To Wreak Havoc, Third Confirmed Death Reported
2012-09-07 08:46:48

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Officials at Yosemite National Park are expanding their warnings to some 22,000 visitors, including more than 2,500 from abroad, after a third death has been linked to Yosemite hantavirus. The update follows a worldwide alert issued Wednesday (Sep. 5) to around 10,000 people who visited the park from June to August who had stayed at the park´s popular Curry Village, where most of the infections are believed to have occurred....

Latest Hantavirus Reference Libraries

2011-01-12 15:37:59

Hantavirus is part of the Bunyaviridae family. This family is divided into 5 genera: Orthobunyavirus, Nairovirus, Phlebovirus, Tospovirus, and Hantavirus. Hantaviruses have genomes comprising three negative-sense, single-stranded RNA segments. Viruses in the genus Hantavirus are transmitted by aerosolized rodent excretia or rodent bites. The name is derived from the Hantan River where it was first isolated by Dr. Ho-Wang Lee. The disease associated with Hantaan virus is hemorrhagic fever...

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