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2011-08-09 14:51:47

Concern about the capacity of individuals with schizophrenia to consent to clinical research studies has largely focused on impairment due to psychotic symptoms associated with the disorder.

2011-08-01 19:54:28

In the wake of last year's creation of the first self-replicating cell with a synthetic genome – which was quickly followed by a request from President Barack Obama for a report by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues – a series of essays in the Hastings Center Report examines the social challenges that synthetic biology presents.

2011-07-18 16:08:21

The Esther A. and Joseph Klingenstein Fund awarded The Hastings Center a $159,000 grant to explore the ethical, scientific, and legal issues on using animals in medical research and on the prospects for using alternatives to animal models.

2011-06-09 23:35:05

Should physicians be banned from assisting in a lethal injection execution, or lose professional certification for doing so?

2011-05-31 21:16:59

In a feature article in The New Republic, Daniel Callahan and Sherwin Nuland propose a radical reinvention of the American medical system requiring new ways of thinking about living, aging, and dying.

2011-05-09 21:40:27

Medical involvement with torture is prohibited by international law and professional associations, and yet sometimes it is the right thing for doctors to do, argue two bioethicists.

2011-01-24 18:21:32

Can optimism be ethically problematic?

2011-01-13 16:56:21

Extra large private hospital rooms with plenty of natural light and artwork may seem like unaffordable luxuries, but new research shows that these and other architecture and design features can improve patient care and in the long run reduce health care expenses.

2010-12-07 15:35:00

Practices for protecting human research subjects with Alzheimer's disease and other conditions that make them incapable of giving informed consent are widely variable and in need of more concrete ethical and legal guidance, according to a study in IRB: Ethics & Human Research.

2010-11-30 22:07:03

Should parents be able to use medical means to restrict the growth of profoundly disabled children to make them easier to care for at home?

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