Latest Hatred Stories

2014-02-25 23:29:50

New York civil rights violation lawyer David Perecman of The Perecman Firm welcomes CombatHate, a new smartphone app that allows users to instantly and confidentially record and report incidents

2012-10-09 14:15:44

Britain's most comprehensive study of hate crime is being launched this month in Leicester by a specialist research team at the University of Leicester.

2011-10-06 05:46:22

"I hate you," are three words the brain of someone who's depressed may not be thinking. A new study published in the October 4th issue of the journal, Molecular Psychiatry, has found that depression seems to uncouple the brain's "Hate Circuit".

2011-10-04 10:45:47

A new study using MRI scans, led by Professor Jianfeng Feng, from the University of Warwick's Department of Computer Science, has found that depression frequently seems to uncouple the brain's "Hate Circuit".

2008-10-29 16:46:23

Scientists at University College London (UCL) may have finally found an answer to explain the fine line between love and hate.

2008-09-23 06:00:23

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The moment those dreaded words -- "I hate you!" -- pop out of a young child's mouth, almost every child wishes they had never been said.