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Living The Night Life Bats Are Needed All The Time-Not Just On Halloween
2012-10-31 15:03:13

National Science Foundation Researchers are identifying the important ecological and economic contributions of bats; gleaning lessons from incredible bat abilities that may advance technology; and helping to battle a new fatal bat epidemic The sight of bats hanging upside down in creepy caves or fleeing in fluttery flocks from their subterranean haunts at dusk like "bats out of hell" may spook even the most rational, otherwise unflappable observer. Nevertheless, on every day (and...

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2007-06-25 08:51:28

The Hoary Bat, Lasiurus cinereus, is a species of bat in the family of vesper bats known as Vespertilionidae. This is a migratory bat and may travel from Canada as far south as the southern United States or Bermuda. Occasionally the bat will roost inside shipping crates and this may account for reports of them being observed above the Arctic Circle. The hoary bat averages 5 to 5.7 inches long with a 15.7 inch wingspan. It weighs only 0.9 ounces. However, it is the largest bat normally...

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