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2010-05-27 18:56:00

In the news release, Armored Truck Fuel Spill Draws Quick Cleanup Response, issued 27-May-2010 by Spill Center over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the second paragraph, second sentence, should read "...related Tom Moses, an environmental attorney and president of Spill Center" rather than "...related Moses, an environmental attorney and president of Spill Center " as originally issued inadvertently. The complete, corrected release follows: Armored Truck Fuel Spill Draws...

2010-05-27 09:00:00

HUDSON, Mass., May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Any diesel fuel spill, even a minor one, requires fast action to avoid environmental damage. But when the leaking truck is heavily armored and full of cash, the incident is cause for alarm. That was evident recently when an armored truck spilled an estimated 20 gallons of diesel fuel in the parking lot of a retail store in Memphis, Tenn. The incident, resulting from a damaged fuel cross-over line, was managed by Spill Center®, an...

2010-05-27 06:16:55

A team of researchers at the University of Miami (UM) has developed a computer model for finding and projecting in time sunken oil masses on the bottom of bays, after an oil spill. The unique model can be used in oil spill planning, response, and recovery applications. "Sunken oil is difficult to 'see' because sensing techniques show only a small space at a point in time. Moreover, the oil may re-suspend and sink, with changes in salinity, sediment load, and temperature, making fate and...

2010-05-21 13:14:02

With oil from the big Gulf of Mexico spill threatening fragile coastal wetlands, clean-up crews are about to discover whether a combination of old and new clean-up methods will help limit the environmental damage. That's the topic of an article in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), ACS' weekly newsmagazine. C&EN Assistant Editor Michael Torrice notes that scientists and engineers are using three basic tools to try to clean up the spill, in which millions of gallons of oil escaped...

2010-05-18 06:00:00

LOS ANGELES, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Blue Seals - a rapid-response team of marine conservation experts - are on a mission to intervene in the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Led by longtime ocean activist Peter Jay Brown, the Blue Seals team has been working in the Gulf Coast area to document this environmental catastrophe. (Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20100518/LA06607) Blue Seal's efforts to document the effects on the fragile coastal habitats of marine...

2010-05-11 13:48:00

ATLANTA, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- A way to deploy more oil boom to protect Gulf of Mexico shorelines from the oil spill has been found, providing the contractors manufacturing the boom can quickly hire enough workers and boat captains to install it. Oil containment boom is a floating barrier that helps keep oil from reaching the shore, but boom has been in very short supply since the April 20th Deepwater Horizon oil spill. "Our contractors found a way to immediately manufacture 3 to 5 miles...

2010-05-11 11:29:00

NEW ORLEANS, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The chemical dispersants being used to break up the oil leaking into the gulf following the explosion of British Petroleum's Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig have the potential to cause just as much, if not more, harm to the environment and the humans coming into contact with it than the oil possibly would if left untreated. That is the warning of toxicology experts, led by Dr. William Sawyer, addressing the Gulf Oil Disaster Recovery Group, a group of...

2010-05-11 08:00:00

STAMFORD, Conn., May 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Corent Company, in cooperation with Evergreen Flying, Inc., both Louisiana based companies, propose using the 1295 hp Turbine Air Tractor aircraft to apply Green Earth Technologies' (Pink Sheets: GETG) G-MARINE Fuel Spill Clean-UP! (NANO Emulsion Technology) Oil Dispersant over the affected areas of the BP/Trans Ocean Rig Collapse in the Gulf of Mexico. Utilizing 7 air tractor 802 aircraft, 14 square miles of oil spill could be treated...

2010-05-07 14:20:00

Crews began to lower a dome cap over the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to patch up a major environmental disaster. Coast Guard Petty Office Michael De Nyse told AFP that the dome was designed to contain oil leaking from a ruptured undersea well. "It's on its way down," he said "It takes roughly 10 hours to get to the bottom." The operation to place the 90 metric ton dome over the pipe along the seabed is the best hope for the biggest U.S. Environmental disaster since the 1989...

2010-05-07 11:36:00

CLEVELAND, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Abanaki Corporation's patent-pending Fuzzy2(TM) material is being put to work off the coast of Louisiana on a disk skimmer cleaning up oil from the Gulf oil spill disaster. The new Fuzzy2 material has triple the oil removal capacity of standard disk skimming material, and this is the first time it has been used on such a large scale project. A disk skimmer uses a rotating disk to remove oil from water. Oleophilic (oil attracting) material collects oil as...

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