Latest Head injury Stories

2014-03-23 23:03:37

Mike Stephenson, a partner with McNeely Stephenson Thopy & Harrold, says announcement by Indiana Cook Medical about biomaterial for repair of brain fluid leaks is perfectly timed for Brain

2014-02-28 23:29:54

St. Louis Children’s Hospital emergency department visits for head injury increased by 20 percent from January 2013 to January 2014. St.

2014-02-26 23:25:29

Flood Law Group today announced that they are now representing football players in head injury cases with claims related to injuries sustained during their playing days.

2014-01-28 23:01:46

Lawsuits from athletes who have suffered traumatic brain injuries have been making headlines recently.

2014-01-21 23:03:37

FastCare announced today that sports injuries, as well as any non-life-threatening condition, can be treated quickly, professionally, and without an appointment at either of their new and improved

2014-01-16 14:06:50

Survivors of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are three times more likely to die prematurely than the general population, often from suicide or fatal injuries, finds an Oxford University-led study.

2014-01-10 23:04:12

Brain Sentry's initial focus is to provide sensors for the three most popular helmeted contact sports: football, lacrosse and hockey with the goal of protecting athletes and families from

Mental Strain Slows Concussion Recovery
2014-01-06 15:41:25

Although concussions are caused by a physical trauma, a new study showed that mental exertion after suffering a head injury can delay a full recovery.