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2008-12-31 13:39:22

A suburban Chicago school district no longer sends children home if staffers find louse eggs, or nits, in the kids' hair, saying the policy was an overreaction. Students now will be removed only if their scalps harbor live lice, Park Ridge-Niles School District 64 officials said. We felt that that was in keeping with the recommendations of the medical profession, Supt.

2008-10-03 03:00:25

By Wes Woods II SAN DIMAS - Modernization efforts of local schools were detailed with photos and presentations Wednesday night at the Bonita Unified School District board of education meeting.

2008-09-08 21:00:27

What you should know Many "bugs" in and around your house are harmless. In some countries, people even eat bugs. However, insects can take over your pantry, kitchen, your bathroom, or beds. Many bugs are so tiny you cannot see them.

2008-09-02 12:00:00

By Rebecca Lavoie Like a stranded shipwreck survivor on a desert island, I watch the school bus lumber down my street like a Coast Guard cutter finally arriving to rescue me after months of hopeful waiting. Instead of a bonfire to flag it down, I've planted my second grader in the driveway.

2008-08-24 09:00:31

By DAVID C STUCKWISCH By David C. Stuckwisch Special to the Currents The 2008-09 academic session promises to be one of the most beneficial school years in our history. Consequently, we are eagerly awaiting the students' return.

2008-07-17 12:01:18

Sciele Pharma, which develops branded prescription products, has announced that the FDA has issued an approvable letter for the head lice treatment. Sciele Pharma is working closely with Summers Laboratories and the FDA to provide additional information that was requested.

2008-02-07 14:45:00

Lice from 1,000-year-old mummies in Peru may unravel important clues about a different sort of passage: the migration patterns of America’s earliest humans, a new University of Florida study suggests.

2005-08-06 14:54:07

Fine combing of wet hair is far more effective than current over the counter chemical treatments for eliminating head lice, shows research published online by the BMJ today.

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2005-09-08 09:38:13

Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are one of the many varieties of sucking lice (singular "louse") specialized to live on different areas of various animals. As the name implies, head lice are specialized to live among the hair present on the human head and are exquisitely adapted to living mainly on the scalp and neck hairs of their human host. Lice present on other body parts covered by hair are not head lice but are either Pubic lice (Pthirus pubis) or Body lice (Pediculus humanus...

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