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2014-11-15 08:21:18


NFL Players At Greater Risk Of Depression Due To Concussions
2013-01-17 11:52:12

After several mental health related tragedies involving active and retired professional athletes, there has been a massive public outcry for all sports to take measures to prevent their players from incurring brain-jarring concussions.

2011-02-08 13:36:48

Much of the devastation of stroke and head trauma is due to damage caused the overproduction of a substance in the brain called glutamate.

2011-02-03 01:30:17

A simple test performed at the sideline of sporting events can accurately detect concussions in athletes.

2009-10-06 07:30:00

According to research presented Monday at the American College of Emergency Physicians' annual meeting in Boston, publicity surrounding the death of actress Natasha Richardson after a head injury triggered a 73% increase in emergency room visits for head trauma.

2009-09-15 07:36:40

Research provides new guidelines to identify children with mild injuries and reduce radiation exposure from CT.

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