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Biophysical Journal
2012-05-28 10:08:02

The Biophysical Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published biweekly by Cell Press on behalf of the Biophysical Society. It was established in 1960. The editor-in-chief is Edward Egelman. It covers all aspects of biophysics.  It is the leading international journal for original research in molecular, cellular, and system biophysics. Modern biophysics is a broad and rapidly...

2012-05-28 09:45:25

Science is a weekly peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). It was founded by New York journalist John Michaels in 1880 with financial support from Thomas Edison and later from Alexander Graham Bell. Because of limited success the journal ceased publication in March 1882, only to be reestablished a year later by entomologist Samuel H....

Antiviral Therapy
2012-05-21 08:53:18

Antiviral Therapy is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by International Medical Press (London, UK). The journal was established in 1996 by Douglas D. Richman (University of California, San Diego) and Joep M.A. Lange (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The first two issues were published by MediTech Media Ltd. Issues were first published quarterly, and then bimonthly in 2003,...

Antiviral Research
2012-05-21 08:49:42

Antiviral Research is a peer-reviewed academic journal published monthly by Elsevier. It was established in 1981 and is the official publication of the International Society for Antiviral Research. Access is by subscription only, with formats available online in PDF and text formats by ScienceDirect. The editors-in-chief are: Erik de Clercq (Rega Institute, Leuven, Belgium), Earl R. Kern...

Annals of Medicine
2012-05-21 08:46:03

Annals of Medicine is a peer-reviewed medical journal published 8 times per year by Informa on behalf of The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim. As of May 2012, the editor-in-chief is Timo Partonen. The journal publishes research articles and reviews on a wide range of medical subjects, with a particular focus on internal medicine. The journal covers advances in the understanding of the...

Animal Biology
2012-05-21 08:19:01

Animal Biology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Brill Publishers and is the official journal of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society. It was established in 1872 as the Archives Néerlandaises de Zoologie and renamed Netherlands Journal of Zoology in 1952. It was changed to its current name in 2003. As of May 2012, the editor-in-chief is J.M. Koene (VU University, Amsterdam, The...

Components Of A Super Cell Thunderstorm
2012-05-21 08:09:58

So what makes a super cell thunderstorm so special? It is the way that they are made and what it takes for them occur. It takes three types of air coming together to form these monster cells. The first is the warm moist air rising in from the Gulf of Mexico. Second is the drier air moving in from the desert southwest and the third is the cold air coming in from the Rockies. When all three of...

Nature Physics
2012-05-18 15:50:42

Nature Physics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 2005 and published monthly by the Nature Publishing Group. The editor-in-chief is Alison Wright, who is a full-time professional editor employed by the journal. The journal publishes original research, letters, full-length articles, review articles, news, views, physics research highlights, commentaries, book reviews, and...

Clinical Genitourinary Cancer
2012-05-18 15:47:47

Clinical Genitourinary Cancer is a peer-reviewed medical journal published by CIG Media Group. The journal was previously published as Clinical Prostate Cancer through September 2005. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer publishes original articles describing various aspects of clinical and translational research in genitourinary cancers. It is devoted to articles on detection, diagnosis,...

Clinical Science
2012-05-18 15:38:05

Clinical Science is a peer-reviewed medical journal established in 1909 by Thomas Lewis and James Mackenzie originally titled Heart: A Journal for the Study of the Circulation. Lewis, who was the founding editor-in-chief, renamed the journal to its current moniker in 1933. The journal also spent a short time titled Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine (1973-1978). The journal was...

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