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China Health Ministry Launches Investigation Into Baby Vaccine Deaths
2013-12-23 08:56:44

Gerard LeBlond for redorbit.com - Your Universe Online Six babies died in China after being inoculated with a hepatitis B vaccination. Four were from Guangdong, the other two were from Hunan and Sichuan. The hospitals that used the vaccine were ordered to remove the product from their shelves while the Health Ministry investigates the deaths as well as BioKangtai’s products. BioKangtai is a Shenzhen-based company that manufactured the vaccine. In a statement to the media the...

French Health Ministry Confirms Three New Cases Of Novel Coronavirus
2013-05-10 12:50:11

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Two days after French health officials confirmed the first case of novel coronavirus (NCoV) in their country, a spokeswoman for the regional health authority of Northern France said two health care workers who cared for the 65-year-old infected man are under surveillance on suspicion of being infected as well. Beatrice Degrugillers said a doctor and nurse were hospitalized Thursday night and are continuing to be monitored closely....

2010-08-16 10:50:00

Four children died and hundreds of people are being treated for rabies after being attacked by vampire bats in Peru, according to various media reports published late last week. The attacks were confirmed by Health Ministry official Jose Bustamente. "At this moment, we're facing an outbreak of wild rabies, produced by the bite of infected bats, in the Urakusa community, especially among the Awajun peoples," Bustamante told RTV on Saturday. "We have identified 508 people bitten who have begun...

2010-02-13 07:33:38

Romanian government officials are stepping up their game in the fight against obesity with a bid to impose a hefty tax on junk food. The proposal, still in the works, has triggered a massive amount of flack from the food industry and skepticism about rather it will be effective or not. Despite the negative feedback, the health ministry is not backing down in its attempt to change the eating habits it says have left one in two Romanians overweight. "We can't just stand around doing nothing,"...

2009-06-27 12:37:02

Swine flu has been identified in several pigs at a farm close to the Argentinean capital, but the virus has not been any more dangerous to the swine than the regular flu, the government announced on Friday. The find emerges as Argentina is undergoing a human swine flu epidemic. The Health Ministry announced three new deaths accredited to the swine flu, which makes the country's death total 26, more than any other country in South America. Jorge Amaya, head of the National Agricultural Health...

2009-05-26 10:20:00

New deaths in North America and a clutch of new cases in Europe, Asia and Latin America put the worldwide death toll for swine flu near 100 on Monday, AFP reported. At this point, some 12,515 people have been infected with A(H1N1) across 46 countries, including 91 deaths, according to the latest United Nations' World Health Organization tally. Mexican authorities announced three more swine flu deaths and the United States and Canada one more death each as the world's largest vaccine maker...

2009-01-25 12:00:00

China's Health Ministry reported on Saturday the country's fourth death from the H5N1 virus.  The 31-year-old victim, a woman from Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region in western China, died Friday. The country's official Xinhua News Agency cited China's deputy director of health, Wang Xiaoyan, as saying that the woman had been to a live poultry market before she fell ill on Jan. 10.  A teenage boy in southwest China, a woman in eastern China and a woman in Beijing also died...

2008-10-08 00:00:17

KUALA LUMPUR: Traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) practitioners will soon be able to register online with the Health Ministry through e-Pengamal, a free voluntary registration system. Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said the system would be available from next month ahead of the mandatory registration of TCM practitioners under the Traditional and Complementary Healthcare Practices Act. The Act aims to regulate TCM practitioners such as sinseh and dukun by validating their...

2008-10-06 15:00:40

The Health Ministry, and half our district health boards, are refusing to acknowledge inadequate wages for caregivers in the community health homecare sector. These many thousands of selfless contributors who look after tens of thousands of elderly people daily receive close to the minimum wage, less, in fact, than hospital kitchen hands. Collectively, however, they prevent the New Zealand hospital sector collapsing. I suspect that, in collusion with Treasury, the ministry is trying to...

2008-10-06 15:00:40

By CHALMERS, Anna PARTY pill retailers are being asked to stop selling some new generation pills following tests of a commonly found chemical in the drugs that has left some users sick. The Health Ministry has instructed health boards to recall party drugs that contain the powdered form of DMAA. Labels on party pills commonly refer to DMAA as "geranium oil". The ministry's recall notice follows concern that pill makers have simply swapped BZP -- which was banned six months ago -- for...

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